Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 59 - Manvel

Oh hey,
We had a great week.  We finally got permission from B.'s parents to be able to teach her the other day!!! So now we can help her progress toward baptism. That was probably the highlight of the week.  A. is doing really well too.  They were both at church on Sunday.  That was fun.

It sounds like a lot of stuff is going to be new for you guys this week.  Here is a quote I love from Devan G. Durrant.  He says, "Exercise your faith, discipline yourself, and do it."   This is something that I have had to do a lot lately.  The Discipline yourself part is the hardest part.  We have to work to be able to receive blessings.  It is hard to do, and it is almost impossible to see sometimes, but I testify that it will be worth it!

This week we have interviews in Sugarland tomorrow, other than that we will be doing everything possible to teach the gospel.  It will be a good week. 

Sorry so short, gotta go.
I love you all!
Elder Grimes

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