Thursday, December 29, 2016

Week 56 - Manvel

Hey Fam!
That proposal video was awesome! I am still so excited about that!

Also, we were blessed with a huge Christmas miracle last night. Y., a young woman in the ward called us yesterday at like 6 and asked if we could come over and visit with her friend. We were like "Doooope Referral!" so we got in the car and drove up to Friendswood. Her friend was interested in talking about the church. Of course we happily obliged and answered all of the questions that she had. We also taught her a mix of the restoration and plan of salvation lessons. It was kind of all over the place, but that is because she had really good questions and those took us to different portions of the gospel of which we could bear testimony. We then talked to her about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. She had never heard of that before, so she was amazed that someone loved her enough to suffer for her and with her. (She is a 4th gen Catholic and has only ever been to mass like twice.) We asked her if she would let Christ step into her life to lift her burdens off of her shoulders by being baptized and she said YES! WOOOOO YEAH CHRISTMAS! Her name is B. and she texted us today to ask when the next time we would be able to teach her more would be. We are pretty stoked.
 So uh... Christmas in Texas is a broken thing haha It was green and 80 DEGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS  It is December and I am trying not to scratch bug bites... WHAT THE DUMP 
But seriously, Yesterday was probably the best Christmas that I have ever had! It was weird, warm, wet(humid), and wonderful! 
I am really thankful for you all putting together such a great Christmas for me! 
Love y'all! 
Elder Grimes

Christmas Skype call 
(we get to talk to him via Skype twice a year - On Christmas and Mother's Day)
Christmas 2016
 I love my new CTR ring
 Brig's reaction upon hearing that his brother proposed and is now engaged.

See...80 degrees on Christmas!
 Texas flag
This is awesome!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Week 55 - Manvel

Hey Everybody,
So I guess my letters that I have been writing are not making it home... Oh well.  Sister Asplund in our District took pictures of us for our parents for #LIGHTtheWORLD I hope you like them.  Also here are some pictures from Elder McQueen :)

A thought for the week:
 1 Nephi 15:11 Do ye not remember the things which the Lord hath said?—If ye will not harden your hearts, and ask me in faithbelieving that ye shall receive,  
with diligence in keeping my commandments,  
surely these things shall be made known unto you.
In this time of the year it is easy to forget to be grateful. It is also easy to let up on all of the commandments, like keeping the Sabbath day holy. I know that Christmas will be on a Sunday this year, I hope that all of you will remember to be diligent in keeping the commandments of the Lord. 

Hey, my favorite Christmas hymn is Number 134 in Spanish. I don't know the number in English.
Far, Far Away on Judea's plains.

This week was pretty fun. Other than most of Friday I had a killer migraine.
 On Monday we got our hair cut by a member. She was so cool about it, she did not even charge us!! she cut Elder Bird's hair first. He is still really new in the mission so the Spanish has not come quite yet. This member speaks no English and it was really hard for her to cut his hair without being able to speak to him. Then she cut Elder McQueen's hair. He is really good at Spanish and there were no problems. When I sat in the chair she asked me how I wanted my hair cut and I explained to her how I wanted it. She was taken aback that I could actually speak Spanish. She started asking me all sorts of questions, you know, how all hair stylists do. It was fun, we totally talked about the Gospel, about my family, about Utah and how going to the temple is a huge blessing! She also was shocked at how much hair I had. She said that my hair is thicker than most hispanics hair. hahahaha
Tuesday we ate Tamales. I AM SO SICK OF TAMALES. haha All hispanic people make tamales for Christmas and then they give them to the Missionaries. We had dinner tonight with Hno Z, guess what we ate. TA-freaking-MALES ugh. haha but we were very grateful for the food and the company.  He told us a bunch of stories from when he was a bishop in Mexico. He is a cool guy. 
Wednesday we busqed apts all day. At one point in the day I was driving down Hwy 35 and Elder McQueen said, "That is colon hydrotherapy...... no thank you..." I almost died. 
Thursday we weekly planned and taught a guy named J. D. He was cool. We knocked on his door and he came out shirtless. I am pretty sure we caught him at a bad time. haha 
Friday was boring with my headache.
Saturday was also boring. 
Yesterday was fun. we went to a methodist church where they were performing a big concert thing. We were ushers and we stood outside for two hours. It was like 40 degrees, windy and it was really humid. haha 
Our investigators  are doing pretty well. J is chugging along. Slowly learning what we teach him. A was sick this week and we were not able to teach her.

We did find a new apartment.  We have to move everything we have. Elder Embody (moving coordinator) will help us with his big enclosed trailer. I do not have the address right now. It is not the nicest place, but it is the only place that would accept corporate leases. we should be moving on thursday, but we haven't heard back... I am not stressed at all. The mission is the most fun I have EVER had. I love it here! Even when it's hard.

I'm excited to talk to you on Christmas!!
See you soon,
Elder Grimes

I have a quick question... The scriptures say 'infirmities' a ton. It is way more fun to replace that with 'limpnesses'.  I guess that wasn't much of a question. still funny tho

Hey, a pikachu pinata
 Car ride
 We are looking cool in this photo shoot!
 Here is the real photo shoot...
 The Elders of our District
 Is this still a thing??
 It's us!
 Still us
 Merry Christmas Everyone!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Week 54 - Manvel

Hi Everyone,
I am doing really well.  I am staying in my area, but we will have to move to a new apartment. So do not send me anything to my current address. I am also keeping my second son and my cousin. (Elders Bird and McQueen) I love training.  Elder Bird is becoming a really powerful missionary really fast.
Our area is HUGE!!!!!  We have to move because most of our investigators are in Alvin and we live in Pearland. We only get 1300 miles a month that we can drive. We are planning on moving down to Alvin to be in the middle of the area. We cover Pearland, Friendswood, Hillcrest, Santa Fe, Liverpool, and everything in between.

This week was really awesome. We got four new investigators!   J. came to church yesterday!! He told us that he loved it. He goes to a Pentecostal church and he is all about the music.  All of our other investigators are doing fine.  A. is a mother seems really interested in being baptized.

 I think it is super fun to "busq" (BOOSK) apartments. haha   Buscar is the spanish word for "to look for" we use that in English all the time.  We have found that almost nowhere does corporate leasing and the short time notice is really weighing on us. We are actually pretty scared but we know we will be fine.

Brig asked us if we are having FHE EVERY week and if we have family prayer EVERY day.  When we admitted that we do not make it every time , he sent the following.;)
I know it can be hard to always have FHE and Family Prayer but don't be ashamed!! That is why we have repentance. We learn from our mistakes, we change, and we do better.  Don't worry about a thing!  I invite you to follow the council you received at Stake Conference and act on the promptings that you had during that meeting.

I love you all, have a great week!
Elder Grimes

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 53 - Manvel

Hi All,
 This week was so much fun!  We had an exchange with Elder Holyoak. He is our district leader and he is super cool! He cannot speak Spanish, so Elder McQueen and I had to teach everything without a third. That was kind of nice for a change. Being in a trio is nice because we can get into the homes of single women, but at the same time, we cannot teach as well because we have to divy up the teaching between three people and the transitions are never as good as we want them to be. Our only investigator is slowing down but he did play La Bamba for us last night. It was funny. He played it on the guitar.

I got the Christmas decorations package, it  made me so happy!!!!!  The first thing I did was make the coconut rice. Then I ate it. haha I did not have a way to rinse the rice so I poured it into a clean sock and rinsed it that way.... #missionlife. It has been sustaining me for the last few days. Also, THE BROWNIES MADE MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE.
I wrote a letter in which I have explained all about the December stuff (Light the World). I hope you guys get it soon.  In the meantime here is my thankful "poster" for 2016.  There is nowhere near enough room on this one sheet of paper to fit all of the things that I am Thankful for, I figure this is a pretty good start though.  I propose we change the name of this list that we do each year from "We are thankful for" to  "We have been blessed with..."  I think that it would be fun to see how the list would change with a different theme to it. As long as we give thanks to our Father in Heaven, He will continue to bless us.  I promise that as we live with gratitude in our hearts we will be much happier.
I love you,
Elder Grimes
I have been blessed with:
Jeremy, Buffer, Danny, Blake, Emma, The Sacrament, frisbees, music, a home, belts, scooters, Priesthood Authority, my family and everything they do for me, the talents I have, Doctors, video games, the Earth, healing, the ability to write, charity, the Bible, simple moments, hymns, the resurrection, agency, Gandalf, the gift of tongues, electricity, cows, the sacrifice of others, fire, moose, Avatar the last Air-bender, razors, conference, chemistry, the Blurb, chairs, paisley, forgiveness, Dumbledore, magic, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, carpet, bright paper, that my Dad served a mission, hair, woodland critters, Friends, the brick, water, sub-woofers, Narnia, American Flags, Lilo & Stitch, my legos, dogs, shoes, parents that cater to my stupidity, puzzles, mints, service, Spongebob, vegetables, water bottles, Grace, elk, fishing, the U.S. Army, language, my Savior Jesus Christ, the restoration, the power of prayer, temples, our apartment, President Hall, planners, food, chickens, birds, Teancum, 1776, pillows, Texas, socks, Preach my Gospel, mattress covers, love, being raised in the church, cough drops, purpose, the First Vision, shampoo, my journal, Sister Missionaries, diesel trucks, the ability to improve, my body, meat, Grandparents, mountains, pens, my trainees, tithing, ties, the Atonement of Jesus Christ, trials of faith, the apostasy, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, my Mommy, the promised land, cats, cars, trees, skyrim, guns, my guitar, learning, Jack Skellington, flowers, things that smell good, strategy games, suits, the cracker pocket, the Manvel Ward, Houston 2nd Ward, Brazos Branch, Valley View 2nd Ward, the last word, my testimony, airplanes, motorcycles, goal and plans, eagles, paper, Aunts & Uncles, Faith, baptism, being able to read, ducks, a living prophet, football, angels, dentists, fruit, Joseph Smith, investigators, my mom, my friends, people who support me, the privilege to serve a mission, mission rules that keep me safe, my mission, alligators, the Book of Mormon, air conditioning, photo paper, Elder Hollands video "Like a Broken Vessel", soap, Trevor Jensen, Connor Steed, Andre Grimaldo, Rex Spjute, Ian Unick, Jaden Kennedy, William McQueen, Jared Bird, La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias.