Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 52 - Manvel

Hi Everyone,
We had a fun and crazy week!
Tuesday, We helped a family build a shed. I will have to mail home my SD card. I used the other guys cameras to take pictures with it and they are all pretty awesome!!! The people who built the frame had no idea what they were doing. The front wall was 10 inches shorter than the back wall... it took four hours to try and put a floor in... So much fun though. 
Wednesday, we tried to teach a whole bunch of our potentials, but none of them wanted to talk to us. Then we had dinner with the bishop and his family. They are such good people. 
Thursday, we played soccer early in the morning until like noon. I am in terrible, terrible shape... lol (You'd think biking would have helped...) Then we had lunch with the bishop. It was fun, they had us over because they knew that we had nowhere to go. 
Friday, we took the bishops son out to teach with us. Elder Bird and Erik went one way, and Elder McQueen and I went another way. It was a good way to cover a lot of ground. We visited like 6 members that day. two of them fed us. we got pizza and tortas. A torta is a sandwich the size of a basketball. 
Saturday we helped the bishop put up his Christmas lights. Then our car wigged out and we had to make a journey into Sugarland to get a different car for a few days. We will go and pick up Maria in a few days (Maria Chevy de la Cruz - our car)  Oh, and I finished my thankful poster. I will be mailing it home for you to see tomorrow.
One thing that I learned this week is that you do not need to have material possessions to be happy. The family that we helped on Tuesday are the poorest family that I have ever seen in my whole life, but they are the happiest I have seen on my mission. They have nothing, but at the same time, they have everything. They are grateful for every single thing that they have. That one hit me really hard. I have taken a lot for granted in my life, but now that I can take a step back and think about how blessed I truly am, life is different. I do not want to get anything for Christmas. Just send me pictures of you guys giving service to someone else.  Promise me you will not send me anything.  I am really excited to go to church on Christmas! 
Oh and Mom, We do not need a tree. that is just more stuff that will not fit in our tiny apartment. haha  You don't need to worry about me.  Just remember that the Lord is taking care of me while I am on loan for a while. You would not believe how much I have changed and how much I have learned. I could not have asked for an experience this life changing.

I'm excited for the package, I will watch like a thing that watches real good. haha
Wanna know something cool?  Hey, I have almost finished my first mission journal!!!
I have to go now
Love you all!!! Have a great week
Elder Grimes

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 51 - Manvel

Hi Everyone,
I am doing so well!!!  My camera broke tho... I cannot take pictures anymore... haha.  To answer Mom, I do have a thankful chart going. I will send it home this week.  As far as Thanksgiving goes, I think we might be eating with the bishop... I am not sure though.  We might just eat in our apartment.
We have been cooking a whole bunch of food lately and it is so much fun!!  We make all kinds of random mixes.

This week was good.  We had splits on Tuesday because some Elders were sick, we got out and tried to teach people.  Wednesday we had Zone Conference.  On Thursday I was sick.  When you are sick, you sleep.  On Friday we had an awesome service project where we went to a trailer park and installed fire alarms for free. We worked with the Red Cross, it was cool.  On Sunday we had church ;) I love my new ward. They are so much fun!! Hermano G. (Grandpa) sat next to me and he kept trying to talk to me.  I had to work to not laugh the whole time.  It was awesome.  We have one solid investigator named J. and he is pretty dope.  He has a baptismal date for the 14th of January and we are stoked.

Look up Helaman 3:35. I have learned a lot about fasting and how much we can be blessed by fasting.    
Helaman 3:35 Nevertheless they did fast and pray oft, and did wax stronger and stronger in their humility, and firmer and firmer in the faith of Christ, unto the filling their souls with joy and consolation, yea, even to the purifying and the sanctification of their hearts, which sanctification cometh because of their yielding their hearts unto God.

In Zone Conference this week we talked about #LIGHTtheWORLD.  Light the world is going to be a huge worldwide push in the church to provide service however we can. On the 25th of November the real video will launch and we can start getting ready to participate in the initiative.  The first 25 days of December will be days of service.  25 ways in 25 days I challenge everyone who reads the blog to participate.  I promise, as a representative of the Lord, Jesus Christ, that as you provide meaningful service to others YOU WILL FIND MORE JOY IN YOUR OWN LIFE.  You will find satisfaction at the end of the day. 
I love you all!!!
Elder Grimes 
Thanks to the Texas Houston South Mission facebook page we have a pic of Zone Conf.  
3rd row back and 5th from the right making a VERY happy face!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 50- Manvel

This week has been so much fun!!!

I'm with Elder McQueen who is from Springville, Utah and Elder Bird who is from Idaho Falls, Idaho.  

On Tuesday we rode bikes like 30 miles to visit some members, just to find out that they ordered us a pizza at the Papa Johns right next to our apt.. So we went and got the pizza and proceeded to eat it in the Subway next door.  Yes, we have a car, but biking is way more fun. Then on Wednesday we went to the Mission Office to have Elder Bird pass off the lessons, he is on his second transfer. The lessons are something all new missionaries have to do. It just helps them know how to teach effectively. It was a fun day.

     I have been meeting members and trying to know where we are all the time, our area is huge!!! It covers Alvin, Santa Fe, Pearland and some other area really far south of where we live.  This area is so much more "me" than H2. Lots of country, also, we knocked and talked to the mayors wife the other day!!   #fearnoman 
We also had Stake Conference yesterday. We got called to repentance hardcore. The Stake President said, "This is going to offend many of you, but the Lord has commanded me to say it, and I must obey." then he called out the stake for working on Sundays and watching sports on the Sabbath.  We are in a Spanish Ward and the work is slower here than H2. In the week that I have been here we have gotten a new investigator and an old one has accepted a date to be baptized.

Here's something funny,  both of my pillows disappeared during transfers.  I have been using a small fuzzy blanket instead... lol  Hey Mom, I might need some new pants.  As to my height and weight...Same old same old. I have not changed at all since I left. I can just speak Spanish now.  We have geckos EVERYWHERE in the new complex.  We have caught like 7 so far and I almost caught a squirrel the other day. They are super fat and slow here.

Sorry no pictures this week, this computer is a little sketchy.. I do not want to hook my camera up to it.  We are in a family history center and this computer is just super old.

I want you to read Mosiah 23:10
10 Nevertheless, after much tribulation, the Lord did hear my cries, and did answer my prayers, and has made me an instrument in his hands in bringing so many of you to a knowledge of his truth.
D&C 46:19-20
19 And again, to some it is given to have faith to be healed;
20 And to others it is given to have faith to heal.

I am feeling a ton better and being in a new place has made me so happy!

I love you guys!!!
Gotta go!
Elder Grimes

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 49 - H2

Transfer News!
     I'm being transferred to FW41 -Manvel Northeast District in the Friendswood Zone.  I have heard that the area is supa dope fire. Elder Huaraca came from there and says it is awesome!  I will be training Elders McQueen and Elder Bird and we will be living in Pearland, Texas.  Elder McQueen has been out as long as Elder Kennedy.  This is Elder Bird's second transfer.  Elder Kennedy is staying. I am flying solo from the squad.  To answer Mom's questions:  I haven't had time to get my haircut.  Yes, I voted.  No, I probably don't know how much you love me ;) 
    Lately I really like Doctrine and Covenants 68:6.  Read it and you will know why!  I went to the Zoo and the Temple this week.  It was a way fun week!  I loved everything about the Zoo.  On Wednesday we went to the Temple. It was such a cool experience. I did a family name and it made it that much more powerful. I did it all by myself!! I didn't need any help from the workers. Yeah memory!!  On Friday we had a great time working on a service project at Kolter Elementary.
     Sorry so short, we are moving today and we will be super busy. 
I love you all,
Elder Grimes
Guy on a Buffalo
 Temple Day!
 Grimes and Kennedy
  Service Project
 Will Work for Service
 Squad plus 1
 Wiglicious Wigs - HAHAHA