Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 48 - H2

Hi Family,
So last night we ate with the S. family and we had a mini testimony meeting. It was really neat. I shared my testimony about the family and how crucial it is to the Plan of Salvation. I took a few minutes to talk about each person in my family and how I miss you all. I also spoke about how much more I am coming to learn about all of you. Dad was so right, being away brings you so much closer to your family. I love you guys!! I love this ward too, we had a fund raiser for the Young Women so that they can all go on a camp out. That was a crazy morning. We woke up super early and went to a prairie restoration site that we are helping some members with. That was really fun!! We cleared so many different kinds of grasses. Elder Kennedy and Elder Grondel put on waders and got to clean out the pond. Sister S. did not tell them that there were pitfalls and quicksand in the pond. Elder Grondel fell in. It was so dang funny!!  She is doing really well. We have invited her to be baptized and she seemed really excited about it. We will have to hand her off to Grondel and Huaraca though. She says she wants to go to an English ward. 

I did get the package!!! Thank you so much!! I LOVE CANDY lol  WE ARE GOING TO THE ZOO TODAY!  I was mistaken last week and we actually go to the temple THIS Wednesday.

Gotta go!!
Love you all!!!!!!!
Elder Grimes
 I need a haircut something fierce. haha
 Cool Graffiti
  I probably see 300+ lizards a day. Texas is funny.

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