Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 47 - H2

Hi Guys,
That picture of dad just killed me. That is the best thing ever!!!  Dad is totally me, I sleep in a hoodie almost every night! lol

C. is awesome!! We went over to teach her the other day and she had perfect questions that led to the next point of the lesson the whole time. It was cool.  All of our other investigators are pretty much the same as they have been. Not a lot of change this week.

This week was really hard. I had to make a BUNCH of phone calls. ugh, So much stress. haha it's all good though. Yes, we are still walking..... My back has been getting worse. I am pretty worried about it. I also have an appt with the oral surgeon on the 4th of November. Someone just make me better- haha  -Momma, I am doing great! You really don't need to worry. I just don't like making phone calls....that still hasn't changed.

Something to think about…..
Every great success requires some type of worthy struggle or sacrifice to get there.  Know this, when you are struggling (being put to the test or proved wherewith) that’s when you are growing. Developing skills and abilities that will bless you the rest of your life.  
They don’t seem apparent now but as you look back on those times of struggles you will see the growth you made, the skills you now have and the abilities that carry you each day. The more struggles you have the more you will learn.  Don’t give up, pray them away or hide from them.

We are going to the Temple on Wednesday!  We are going to a history museum today and transfers are two weeks from today.  Mom reminded me that a year ago today I went through the Temple for the first time. WOOOO that is a pretty good day!

To answer Danny when he asked if there is anything you guys can do for me...Idk. Letters. Just letters. Letters are such a boost you guys have no idea.

I love you all!
Elder Grimes

Mad Scientist Elder

 Houston Palm Trees
Cool dead moth...kind of a MothBatDragon

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