Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week 46.5 - H2

Side note from Momma Grimes: I've been off on the dates since the beginning when he sent 2 emails in one week at the MTC.  With this post being so late in the week I thought it was a good week to get back on track :)

Hi Fam,
As we were walking away from a pretty solid lesson with an unnamed investigator this week we were talking about what went well and what didn't go so well. We were trying to come up with ideas on how we could work in better unity when this lady sitting in her car flagged us down. So we walked over and introduced ourselves as her missionaries. (when in reality, we all know that I am Buffer's missionary) (Love ya Mommy!;) She asked us if we read the bible and which version. We told her that we use the King James version of the Bible and that we believe that it is a book of holy scripture. Then she asked what the "little blue book" was that we were both holding. Be prepared for the win!! So we introduced the Book of Mormon and told her what it is and how we have it. Then she asked what we think about the trinity. She expressed a lot of concern with differing ideas about it and wanted to know our beliefs. We told her that we believe in God, the eternal father and in his son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. Then she asked, "so are they all one?" Then I related the story of Christ being baptized in the Bible. Christ is there being baptized, John hears a voice from heaven, then the Holy Ghost descended upon Christ. She was like, "OH MY GOSH!!!!! THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE THAT THEY WOULD BE DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!!"
It was pretty cool!  We are gonna go and visit with her tomorrow!

To answer Mom, so my back is still pretty bad, we can't bike anymore and have to walk everywhere to strengthen my back.  5 of us are sharing 1 shower due to the hole I made in the other shower when I fell.  I haven't gotten my tooth fixed yet AND I got food poisoning the other day and was up all night in the bathroom.  I sound all negative nancy, but really I am having a great time and Loving every second of every sweaty day!! 

That's cool that Gpa and Gma are going to be in San Antonio...tell them they should swing down to H-town and take me to lunch haha.

Elder Kennedy is great!  We are best friends. We have gotten to the point were we are mean to each other and then just laugh. We were up laughing and joking late last night.  He knows all about horses and with you guys getting into that it is fun to learn about.  So, we went boot shopping last week with Elder Grondel (one of the Elders that has the car) because he wanted to order some boots.  I learned something about myself. I LOVE BOOTS. haha This store that we went to was the coolest place that I have ever been. I want to live there. We have to go back, today I hope, to pick up his boots. I am really excited to go back!! Boot leather smells so good!  I'll take pictures of the place...oh, I forgot my camera today...sorry Mom!
Love you all!
Elder Grimes


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