Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 46 - H2

Missionary Down!!
    So this week was one of service! We gave more than 30 hours of service this week! It was a really fun week! We were helping E. move a bunch of concrete stepping stones in his yard on Tuesday. We did that for like 3 hours. He had like a million of them. We had four elders there helping out. Me, E. Kennedy, E. Huaraca, and E. Grondel. We had a line going and I was at the end. I received the stones and placed them gently on pallets. I was arched over all day lifting heavy things. That screwed me up pretty bad. Then the next day in the shower I may or may not have slipped and fallen and sent my shoulder through the wall... That made my back even worse. I am such an old man... Then we helped move a few members and I had to carry this giant bookcase up like 6 flights of stairs and it was really heavy. I was all sorts of broken...but I am a little bit better and I have been managing everything pretty well.

    I love training and Elder Kennedy is doing great!! He and I are like best buddies. We have a really good time together and it was great to have a week full of service. 

Sorry I'm so short on time.
I love you all,
Elder Grimes
 Service Selfie
 Waiting for my cookies....notice the clean kitchen?
 Cute little guy.
 My shoulder stop...don't notice the missionary bathroom!

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