Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 48 - H2

Hi Family,
So last night we ate with the S. family and we had a mini testimony meeting. It was really neat. I shared my testimony about the family and how crucial it is to the Plan of Salvation. I took a few minutes to talk about each person in my family and how I miss you all. I also spoke about how much more I am coming to learn about all of you. Dad was so right, being away brings you so much closer to your family. I love you guys!! I love this ward too, we had a fund raiser for the Young Women so that they can all go on a camp out. That was a crazy morning. We woke up super early and went to a prairie restoration site that we are helping some members with. That was really fun!! We cleared so many different kinds of grasses. Elder Kennedy and Elder Grondel put on waders and got to clean out the pond. Sister S. did not tell them that there were pitfalls and quicksand in the pond. Elder Grondel fell in. It was so dang funny!!  She is doing really well. We have invited her to be baptized and she seemed really excited about it. We will have to hand her off to Grondel and Huaraca though. She says she wants to go to an English ward. 

I did get the package!!! Thank you so much!! I LOVE CANDY lol  WE ARE GOING TO THE ZOO TODAY!  I was mistaken last week and we actually go to the temple THIS Wednesday.

Gotta go!!
Love you all!!!!!!!
Elder Grimes
 I need a haircut something fierce. haha
 Cool Graffiti
  I probably see 300+ lizards a day. Texas is funny.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 47 - H2

Hi Guys,
That picture of dad just killed me. That is the best thing ever!!!  Dad is totally me, I sleep in a hoodie almost every night! lol

C. is awesome!! We went over to teach her the other day and she had perfect questions that led to the next point of the lesson the whole time. It was cool.  All of our other investigators are pretty much the same as they have been. Not a lot of change this week.

This week was really hard. I had to make a BUNCH of phone calls. ugh, So much stress. haha it's all good though. Yes, we are still walking..... My back has been getting worse. I am pretty worried about it. I also have an appt with the oral surgeon on the 4th of November. Someone just make me better- haha  -Momma, I am doing great! You really don't need to worry. I just don't like making phone calls....that still hasn't changed.

Something to think about…..
Every great success requires some type of worthy struggle or sacrifice to get there.  Know this, when you are struggling (being put to the test or proved wherewith) that’s when you are growing. Developing skills and abilities that will bless you the rest of your life.  
They don’t seem apparent now but as you look back on those times of struggles you will see the growth you made, the skills you now have and the abilities that carry you each day. The more struggles you have the more you will learn.  Don’t give up, pray them away or hide from them.

We are going to the Temple on Wednesday!  We are going to a history museum today and transfers are two weeks from today.  Mom reminded me that a year ago today I went through the Temple for the first time. WOOOO that is a pretty good day!

To answer Danny when he asked if there is anything you guys can do for me...Idk. Letters. Just letters. Letters are such a boost you guys have no idea.

I love you all!
Elder Grimes

Mad Scientist Elder

 Houston Palm Trees
Cool dead moth...kind of a MothBatDragon

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week 46.5 - H2

Side note from Momma Grimes: I've been off on the dates since the beginning when he sent 2 emails in one week at the MTC.  With this post being so late in the week I thought it was a good week to get back on track :)

Hi Fam,
As we were walking away from a pretty solid lesson with an unnamed investigator this week we were talking about what went well and what didn't go so well. We were trying to come up with ideas on how we could work in better unity when this lady sitting in her car flagged us down. So we walked over and introduced ourselves as her missionaries. (when in reality, we all know that I am Buffer's missionary) (Love ya Mommy!;) She asked us if we read the bible and which version. We told her that we use the King James version of the Bible and that we believe that it is a book of holy scripture. Then she asked what the "little blue book" was that we were both holding. Be prepared for the win!! So we introduced the Book of Mormon and told her what it is and how we have it. Then she asked what we think about the trinity. She expressed a lot of concern with differing ideas about it and wanted to know our beliefs. We told her that we believe in God, the eternal father and in his son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. Then she asked, "so are they all one?" Then I related the story of Christ being baptized in the Bible. Christ is there being baptized, John hears a voice from heaven, then the Holy Ghost descended upon Christ. She was like, "OH MY GOSH!!!!! THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE THAT THEY WOULD BE DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!!"
It was pretty cool!  We are gonna go and visit with her tomorrow!

To answer Mom, so my back is still pretty bad, we can't bike anymore and have to walk everywhere to strengthen my back.  5 of us are sharing 1 shower due to the hole I made in the other shower when I fell.  I haven't gotten my tooth fixed yet AND I got food poisoning the other day and was up all night in the bathroom.  I sound all negative nancy, but really I am having a great time and Loving every second of every sweaty day!! 

That's cool that Gpa and Gma are going to be in San Antonio...tell them they should swing down to H-town and take me to lunch haha.

Elder Kennedy is great!  We are best friends. We have gotten to the point were we are mean to each other and then just laugh. We were up laughing and joking late last night.  He knows all about horses and with you guys getting into that it is fun to learn about.  So, we went boot shopping last week with Elder Grondel (one of the Elders that has the car) because he wanted to order some boots.  I learned something about myself. I LOVE BOOTS. haha This store that we went to was the coolest place that I have ever been. I want to live there. We have to go back, today I hope, to pick up his boots. I am really excited to go back!! Boot leather smells so good!  I'll take pictures of the place...oh, I forgot my camera today...sorry Mom!
Love you all!
Elder Grimes


Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 46 - H2

Missionary Down!!
    So this week was one of service! We gave more than 30 hours of service this week! It was a really fun week! We were helping E. move a bunch of concrete stepping stones in his yard on Tuesday. We did that for like 3 hours. He had like a million of them. We had four elders there helping out. Me, E. Kennedy, E. Huaraca, and E. Grondel. We had a line going and I was at the end. I received the stones and placed them gently on pallets. I was arched over all day lifting heavy things. That screwed me up pretty bad. Then the next day in the shower I may or may not have slipped and fallen and sent my shoulder through the wall... That made my back even worse. I am such an old man... Then we helped move a few members and I had to carry this giant bookcase up like 6 flights of stairs and it was really heavy. I was all sorts of broken...but I am a little bit better and I have been managing everything pretty well.

    I love training and Elder Kennedy is doing great!! He and I are like best buddies. We have a really good time together and it was great to have a week full of service. 

Sorry I'm so short on time.
I love you all,
Elder Grimes
 Service Selfie
 Waiting for my cookies....notice the clean kitchen?
 Cute little guy.
 My shoulder stop...don't notice the missionary bathroom!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 45 - H2

Hey Framlee,
   How did everyone enjoy conference??  Did you guys know that Brian K. Ashton was the president of the THSM before president Hall?  One of my favorite talks from this General Conference was given on Saturday morning by Carol F. McConkie. She posed a rather large question: When the Son of Man cometh, Will he find faith on the earth? This question hit me really hard because that is one of the main purposes of being a missionary. We invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through FAITH, repentance, Baptism, the receiving of the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring To The End. Do I have enough faith?  The answer will always be no. I need to strive constantly for the rest of my life to increase my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. She talked a lot about Prayer and how we can engage all three members of the Godhead through prayer. If you think about it, that is a huge blessing to be able to do that.  One thing that really stuck with me is, "GOD NEEDS BRAVE SONS" And He needs them forever.

   Another cool thing to think about, When Nephi was in the wilderness with his family he broke his bow. His brothers' bows lost their springs. They had no sure way to get food. So Nephi turned to the Lord and made a plan. He made himself a new bow, and an arrow. Verse 23 of 1 Nephi 16 says that Nephi made ONE ARROW. Talk about faith. Then he asked his father where he should go to find food.  Sometimes we should make our own plans and take them to our father in heaven. He will help us.

  With President Nelsons talk I feel like finally someone understands.  He said that a missionary isn't out to baptize, a missionary is out to bring JOY to His children all over the world.

  Here is how our investigators are doing.   I. and the boys are slowing down but everyone else is still chugging along. A. is being awesome still, he just gets it. E. is a young mother and she is friends with a member. We have taught her a few times and she is just awesome. She has the cutest little two year old daughter.  We have been teaching W. for awhile and she is ready for us to hand over to the Hermanas, she always flirts with Elder Kennedy because he can't understand her.  She proposed to him the first time we went was hilarious! 

  I am doing so well you would not believe!!  But my crown fell out...again...I have already taken care of it mommy.  Don't worry, I am a big boy now.  I've been to the dentist and he said he would call you today.

  I'm really excited that HR is here (a friend from High School who is now serving in my mission).  I have not seen him yet, I want to though. 

   That is awesome that you are feeding the missionaries this week! It means so much to the missionaries to have members invite us into their homes. Send the leftovers home with them if there are any.  Also, ask them what they want to eat. Tell them that you have a missionary and to be real. Make them decide what they want. haha

I love being a missionary!
I love you all, gotta go,
Elder Grimes

Elder Huaraca is from Peru originally but from Utah now.  
Elder Grondel is from Vegas and Elder Kennedy.
My best friends on the mission.
 My District
 Our vacuum broke. I fixed it. haha Dust everywhere.
 Waiting for the other Elders at their pool.