Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 42 - H2

Hey y'all
Thanks for sending the pictures of the family at the funeral to me.  It didn't make me sad like you worried.  I am actually completely at peace.  I know that Grandma is happier now than she has been for a long time because the pain is gone.  Seeing all of the pictures this week was really fun!!  It helped me to see how everyone is doing.  Lots of family members have put on weight... Not good.  We gots to be healthy!!

To answer Mom's question:  We wake up at 6:30 and jog until 7:00.  Then we shower and get ready.  I shower first every day and then lay on top of my neatly made bed until it is time to start studies.  Do I fall asleep?  yes.  I am ashamed.  haha  Then we do all four hours of studies.  Then we eat lunch. Then we are out until dinner, then we are back out until 9:00pm.  At 9:00, we nightly plan and plan our next day.  Then we relax and go to bed.  It starts again the next day.
We get one or two meals at a members house a week.  That's good enough.

This week was crazy!
I got sick on Wednesday and was in bed almost all day on Thursday.  It sucked so bad.  Then Elder Palacios, our district leader, and I went to see I. at 8 pm.  I almost passed out on our way there... I was super sick.  The lesson was fun, we taught her kids.  We are working toward baptism with them. Then I went back home to bed.  I had some sort of virus that lasted about 48 hours, I was fine enough to work Friday.

I will leave you with this challenge; 
Always read your scriptures, Pray Daily, give what you have to the missionaries. Read Helaman 5:12
Love you all!! bye! 
Elder Grimes

Bedtime Selfie
 BBQ with the Wells family. It was sooo good!

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