Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Week 41 - H2

Hi mommy!!  I scratched my ear for you!
Thank you so much for that awesome Package!!!

I'm sorry about Grandma Linda.  I have been able to feel her support the last few days. It has really been a noticeable difference! Also, you know how I called like an hour early on Mother's day? I got to talk to Linda. I got to see her one last time. At the time it may have seemed like an inconvenience, but I know that was a tender mercy from the Lord. Grandma shared her testimony with me and that is something that I will never forget.

Well, I. and her boys all kinda dropped off of the face of the world. We will keep watching for them.  We had lots of flat tires again this week - those broken beer bottles.  I was pumping up a new tube the other day and I saw it bulging... the only words in my mind were, "awwww crud" BOOOOOOOOM slime everywhere. That was pretty fun.haha  I got a flat at a service project and we had to walk home. about 5 miles... That was fun but we explored our whole area and found some new places that we might want to go and buscar gente.

Oh and the toilet flooded our bathroom on Monday right after Pday. haha I had to sacrifice my big gray towel to keep the yucky water from ruining the carpet in our bedroom. That was a terrible experience that I will remember fondly *shudder*  

Zone Conference was great, we learned a whole lot about cool stuff to help with planning and setting goals.

I got a letter from LaVon Marshall in the ward...she is really awesome!  Our plans for this week are to just keep teaching.

I want you to look up the video "You Never Know" on Mormon Channel. Click here for You Never Know

Gotta go,  Love you!!
Elder Grimes
2 ties...why not?
 My district.
 Description  not necessary.
 This was at the place we do service at. I saw it and it made me happy.
 Mangoes - Thank you family!
 Me and Elder Kennedy

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