Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 40 - H2

Hi Everyone!
   We are doing great!!!  I love Elder Kennedy!! We are like the same guy. Both huge nerds who love to listen to crazy music. We bonded while we were walking with ANOTHER FLAT yesterday! (it does not help that there is a broken beer bottle on the ground every three feet) We talked all about Pokemon, Zelda, and the crazy rock music that we both love. I had a really good week. Thanks for the package with the longhorn and root beer barrels. I love the tie so much!!!!! And the candies are really good! haha It made me super happy! 

   Elder Kennedy's Spanish is getting better every day. I am working on getting him to share more in each lesson. Seeing his progression is so cool!! Wanna know something?  I can speak Spanish. That is pretty cool to me. And the craziest part, I can walk up and talk to strangers with no hesitation now. It is the weirdest thing ever!!  (All this from a boy who wouldn't even call a store to ask a question!)

    I'm sorry to hear the Gma Linda isn't doing well.  I have been praying that she could be comfortable. I have learned a lot about prayer lately and that sometimes praying for what we want might actually be damaging or hurtful to others. If we pray for a tailwind, someone else gets a headwind. We need to make sure that we ask for things that will help us through our struggles and trials in life. I take a lot of comfort in knowing that we will have the opportunity to see our family again after this life. I have felt really strongly that Gma will be ok. She will be resting in spirit paradise with those that have already passed on. She will be watching over us and helping us out when we need it.  I love her and Gpa.  I sent Gpa an email in Spanish, make sure he reads it. 

   Here is what is up with our work and our new friends:  I. has been in the Hospital all week and we have not been able to see her. Her kids are living with their aunt. We have been trying really hard to see them or to find out which hospital they are in, to no avail.

   D. (with Elder Unick) is working on getting married still. They sound like they are doing great! 
We have seven new investigators on date right now; A., K., I2, R., N, & A2 and his wife.

    Oh, I was really scared last night in a complex. Sketchy people followed us around. We made three loops around this same little square and they followed us the whole time. I eventually pulled my keys out and pretended like I was going into an apartment. They left after that.

   I took some awesome pics this week, but I left my camera at home... I will try to remember it next week. haha I love you! 
Talk to you next TUESDAY!! Monday is a holiday. 
Elder Grimes

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