Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 39 - H2

Dear Family,

     Being a trainer is the best thing in the world!!  It is so much fun to help my "son" learn how to be a missionary and to teach him Spanish!!  His name is Elder Kennedy and he is from Marysvale, Utah. He and I are really, really similar.  Our humor is like the exact same, we will be having lots of fun together!!  We have been working on Spanish and how to teach missionary lessons in a second language.  I am making sure to go slow and take all the necessary time to study every day!!!  I made sure that he has lots of food, and free access to any of my food.  I want to make sure that he knows my primary calling right now is to help him become a missionary.  One way I am doing that is by trying to be his best friend.  We've got some good goals set this week, it should be a good one. There is a food pantry that we go to every Wednesday for service hours so that will be fun.

    Last week was pretty good.  Lots of crazy rain and humidity, but for the most part we are doing just fine.   Flat tires were trying to hedge up the work....but we won't let 'em!!
     I. and the boys are the only investigators that I still have.  Elder Unick and I had to divide up the areas, and the lines we came up with only left me with I. and her boys.  They should be getting baptized this week.  They were supposed to get baptized two weeks ago and then last week, but things came up and we couldn't.  D. and the others are being visited by Elder Unick and Elder Cooper.

     Zone Conference is coming up on September 1, my ear is getting itchy Mom. (The Mission President's wife takes a video of the zones singing and then posts it to facebook and Elder Grimes scratches his ear as the camera comes by him to send an 'I love you' home)

I want to give you two scriptures this week: 
 John 10: 14-15. The Lord knows us all individually.
Alma 37:6-7 Through small and simple things, like giving someone a pass along card, we can all be missionaries. 
     Thanks for the emails this week family, Sharon, Jaide, Spjute, Grimaldo, and Lezsynski. 
Outta fresh time!
I love you all and will talk to you next week!!!
Elder Grimes
 Walking our bikes 'cause.....flat tires!
 Our new district, 2 brand new Elders and 2 brand new Hermanas!


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