Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 38 - H2

I'M TRAINING!!! Elder Unick and I will both be getting Trainees on Wednesday.  Really excited and nervous, but I know that the Lord will Help me to train this new missionary.  I will for sure take all the time we need to do all of our studies, I remember how hard that was at first.  We will still be in H2 and still on bikes.  Elder Unick and I have the task of chopping the areas up as we feel will work the best.  Our ideas right now work pretty well,  I will get a bigger area than the one I had with Elder Spjute,  but that will not be an issue.   We have a huge week ahead of us.  I don't want to jinx it right now, but I am really excited.

Thank you guys for being so interested in this work.  Here is a run down this week:

I. got a call yesterday during Relief Society with some bad news about her husband.
D. also had a bad day yesterday and she came inside the church bawling.
A. and R. did not come to church, but we saw them yesterday and they said that something came up and they will be there next week. 
A2. totally understands everything that we teach him and has accepted a baptismal date for the third of September!
S. she is doing well. We just keep trying to visit her. 

Please pray for them to be comforted.

We also had this guy in church yesterday who is the fiance of one the sisters in the ward. His soon to be father in law asked us if we would translate for him (he wants to join the church and learn Spanish) we were super excited to do that. After church he gave us his address and said come over as often as you can.  And then he asked us "After I get baptized, what do I have to do to go to the Temple with my wife?"   Baptism isn't even a question for him.  Haha super cool guy!

We had two exchanges this past week and they were really fun.
I love you all, I am really excited for this huge responsibility this week.
Elder Grimes
Olympic Spirit
 Me with Elder Simpson on an exchange
 Me and Elder Unick ready to go
 The Calverts are super cool and getting ready to move out of the ward...we will miss them.
 My doTERRA stash for Mom...P.S. I'm out of On Guard soft gels.

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