Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 37 - H2


Thank you so much for sharing that story about Ammon with me! 
That is something that I need to remember, that I need to rely on the Lord and do everything that I can to bring the 'flock' to the 'place of water'. I gotta have a vision to baptize if I am ever going to help people progress here. haha 

Guess what!!! We taught 22 lessons this week!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH that is so many!  All of our lessons are taught in Spanish so my Spanish is coming along nicely. I can say pretty much anything I want and I understand most people. We sometimes run into Cubans and they speak so fast that it is tough to understand them. 

D. is ready for baptism but we are working on getting the marriage license and stuff. We keep teaching her but she is ready. I. and her sons J. and V. are super fun! S. is a mom who accepted a baptismal date for the third of September.  A2. is pretty cool, we have only seen him twice and for like five minutes each time. He read through the pamphlet we gave him though - that is a win. A. and R. are a couple of older people who just want to learn about God. 

 Thank you all for that awesome package!! it was super fun to get it!! The little wooden mole from Prague is silly. Please tell Grandma and Grandpa thanks for me. 

So I go into the bathroom the other morning to shower after working out and little roachie (3 inches, see pic) is just chillin on the wall. ugh. So I showered and then shaved while he just kinda meandered around the bathroom. Then I sprayed him with permethrin and smashed him with a toilet brush. :D

I got my bike fixed, it got a new chain and a new derailer.  Did you guys know that the spokes on bike tires don't work like a wagon wheel? They don't push the wheel out from the center. They are all weighted and pull in. Just a fun little tidbit I picked up this week. 

I love you guys!!
Gotta go!
Elder Grimes
 I'm a sweaty missionary...and this is after being indoors for several minutes.
 Check it out, one of the complexes we work is a Call of Duty map!
 I caught a Meowth!
 Silly Mole from Prague

 R.I.P. Roachie

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