Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Week 36 - H2

Hello Everyone,
     D is doing great!  This week we got 7 new investigators!  We found a family, a couple, and two others. I. J. & V.; A. & R.; K.; A2.  We found them by being outside all day, everyday. Yes Mom,  I have sunscreen. I sweat if off after about 10 minutes though. It is so bad that my forearms drip.  Sometimes I feel like I have been tossed into a burning sweat hole and told to ride my bike until I die of dehydration.
     Oh, I spoke in Sacrament Meeting yesterday and taught Gospel Principles right after that.  We taught the third lesson in the manual. It is about Christ becoming our leader and being chosen to become our Savior. 

     Thanks for the package last week.  To answer Mom's question, "How does 1/3 feel?"  Crazy. Super cool that it has been that long. 
     Also, my bike exploded this morning. ugh. The shifting mechanism on the back of the bike basically turned inside out and got all bent up in the spokes.  So we will see about that this week.  Sorry this is so short, I'm out of time for today.
Love you,
Elder Grimes

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