Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 35 - H2

Hi family,
  So this week was super crazy!!! Our new Ward mission leader has been home from his mission for like 4 weeks. His name is Michael and he is super cool!! He belongs in the English ward that goes to our building but wants to be in the Spanish ward until he leaves to go to BYU in about a month.  He is such a freaking stud!!!

So D., our investigator, the one who has been living with her boyfriend. Well we taught her about The Family: A Proclamation to the World with the S. family.  That lesson went so well! Teaching with members makes all lessons so much more spiritual.  You guys should try to go out with the missionaries back home.  But the next day we went over and taught everybody's favorite lesson.... THE LAW OF CHASTITY!!!  She took it so dang well.  After we had explained everything, we asked if she had any questions.  She asked, "So am I living in sin?"  SHE UNDERSTOOD!!!  So we told her that she was.  She asked what she needed to do reconcile herself with God.  We told her to get married and she told us that R., her boyfriend, had been wanting to get married for a while.  She asked if we could hacer (do) the wedding in our chapel.  We told her that one of us could officiate if she wanted us to. *we can actually do that with our ministerial certificate*.  She wants to get married just so she can get baptized!!  SO DANG COOL!!  The spirit has been working so hard with her! She also came to church yesterday and stayed for all three hours.  She LOVED it.  She wants to bring R. next week.(he had to work yesterday.)
 A single lady signed up to feed us this week and we could not go inside.  Mission rules and all that. So we sat at the door and ate.
Did y'all see any bald eagles in Yellowstone?  I heard that Emma is sick, I hope you feel better soon Bean!  To answer Blakes question, If I had a dollar for every person I have seen playing pokemon go, I would have a hefty sum of dollars.
This week was super great!! We taught a ton of people and I have not had any time to feel stressed. haha I love it!  
I love you all,
Elder Grimes
Me and the sunset.
 Eating on the front porch.
 We got fed this delicious dinner.

 Sunset in Texas.

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