Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 34 - H2

Hi Family,
   This week was super long and really, really hot.  We have not seen D.2 in like a week, but D. is doing great! She accepted a baptismal date and so did E. He is another investigator. E. is a guy that Elder Newby and Unick found before they smashed our areas into one. Elder Unick and I went to go and talk to him a few days ago and he was super cool! We were knocking on the door when he came up behind us and yelled, "HERMANOS" It was funny. So we started to talk about the message of the restoration and when we said apostasy, he was like, "Isn't that any time where the church or people turn away from the teachings of Christ?" We were blown away. Apparently he had a pamphlet and had read through the whole thing. It was super cool. We are gonna try to see him again tonight to teach him about the Book of Mormon.
   Three of our investigators have baptismal dates that are currently set for August 13th, but we might have to move D. because she is not married to the man she is living with.
    So we had some crazy spiritual experiences this week!! One day we were out and tracting, just trying to find some new people to teach and we were having a bum day. We had taught two lessons so far that day and neither had been very good. So we stopped and talked for a minute about what we should do. We said a prayer under a big tree to ask for help knowing what was wrong and how we could fix it. Instantly both of us thought of comp study. We decided that our comp studies had not been going well enough for the last several days. We had the idea that we should go back to the apartment and have a better comp study to prepare for the day, we both had it confirmed to us that it was a good idea. So we turned back and biked home. We had a good study and then had a great day after that.
   Another one, We were out yesterday in a complex wandering around trying to talk to people. We were way behind our plans for the day because we had the privilege to exercise our priesthood authority and give some blessings of health to some sick members. So nothing was happening in this complex and Elder Unick turns to me and says, "We are totally ignoring the plans that we made last night." So we left and started for another complex. We told the Lord that we would be there from 8-9. Right as we got there we met a guy named S. He was playing outside with his little son. They were taught for a long time by sister missionaries a while back and got lost in the cracks when the sisters moved out of the area. He told us that he really wanted us to visit him and his family and that his wife would be really excited to have missionaries again. We went where we told the Lord we would be and he dropped a golden brick in our laps. It was cool. 
   On another note, we have three inch roaches and like eight inch rats in our apartment. pero, asi es la vida. (but that's life)  We sat down to eat yesterday and a big fat rat walked into the middle of the floor in the kitchen. I offered him some of my pizza that we baked. Stupid jerk just ran under the dish washer... we were going to get traps at Walmart, but we spaced getting them today... dang. oops. looks like we have a new roomie for the week.  
   The pictures you emailed this week were super cool!! How are Grandma and Grandpa doing??  I miss them, I haven't seen them in a while!
   Well, have fun camping this week, I kinda feel bad for y'all. You aren't in TEXAS SERVING THE LORD!
I gotta go. Love you all! Talk next week! 
Elder Grimes
Uh, Elder?  You've got some Mango in your teeth...and on your face...
 My tan line. 
 "I have yet to wear sunscreen on my mission" 
(enter the part where his mom got mad at him!)

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