Thursday, July 14, 2016

Week 32 - H2 4th of July!!

Hi Family,
I'm missing my favorite holiday at home.  I did indeed get the package with the towels. Tell Sharon THANK YOU!, they are awesome! I'm really excited for HR to come here.  He will be the 4th Titan here!!  Last week we got to go to the Houston Zoo on Pday.  It was really fun! 
I also have received a bunch of letters from the young men, I loved them.  I physically do not have time to write them all back. As missionaries we have to follow the rules in our little white handbook. One rule says that we can only communicate with family and friends on Pday. That includes writing letters. Crazy stuff. We only have like 8 hours for Pday anyway.  
Right now we are at the Calvert's house.  President Calvert is in the mission presidency. They are really cool and made us some awesome sandwiches!  I will be dropping off Elder Spjute later this afternoon and then I will be with Elder Unick next transfer!! I am really excited for that. I love that guy. Elder Spjute leaves from our area today, he flies home tomorrow. I have lived with him the whole time I have been in H2.  Elder Unick and I will be in the same area. We have to drop Elder Spjute in Sugarland at 4. I am going to miss him so freaking much. At the end of the night yesterday we had a comp prayer, and while I was saying it, I got all choked up... YOU DID THIS TO ME MOM!!!

Elder Unick and I want to ask if we can keep the car, I don't know if we will or not but we want to. Our mission is downsizing a ton!! We are losing more than 20 missionaries this week and only getting 12. We are cutting back on areas. Elder Unick and I will be living alone. 
Have fun getting ready Grandma and Grandpas house.  I miss them and wish I could see them...oh well, I will in 17 months!
I love you all and will write next week,
Elder Grimes
 Happy 4th!
For Real!
 Houston Zoo
 Elder Chimp and Elder Orangutan
 Texas Longhorn
 Hi guys!!

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