Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 35 - H2

Hi family,
  So this week was super crazy!!! Our new Ward mission leader has been home from his mission for like 4 weeks. His name is Michael and he is super cool!! He belongs in the English ward that goes to our building but wants to be in the Spanish ward until he leaves to go to BYU in about a month.  He is such a freaking stud!!!

So D., our investigator, the one who has been living with her boyfriend. Well we taught her about The Family: A Proclamation to the World with the S. family.  That lesson went so well! Teaching with members makes all lessons so much more spiritual.  You guys should try to go out with the missionaries back home.  But the next day we went over and taught everybody's favorite lesson.... THE LAW OF CHASTITY!!!  She took it so dang well.  After we had explained everything, we asked if she had any questions.  She asked, "So am I living in sin?"  SHE UNDERSTOOD!!!  So we told her that she was.  She asked what she needed to do reconcile herself with God.  We told her to get married and she told us that R., her boyfriend, had been wanting to get married for a while.  She asked if we could hacer (do) the wedding in our chapel.  We told her that one of us could officiate if she wanted us to. *we can actually do that with our ministerial certificate*.  She wants to get married just so she can get baptized!!  SO DANG COOL!!  The spirit has been working so hard with her! She also came to church yesterday and stayed for all three hours.  She LOVED it.  She wants to bring R. next week.(he had to work yesterday.)
 A single lady signed up to feed us this week and we could not go inside.  Mission rules and all that. So we sat at the door and ate.
Did y'all see any bald eagles in Yellowstone?  I heard that Emma is sick, I hope you feel better soon Bean!  To answer Blakes question, If I had a dollar for every person I have seen playing pokemon go, I would have a hefty sum of dollars.
This week was super great!! We taught a ton of people and I have not had any time to feel stressed. haha I love it!  
I love you all,
Elder Grimes
Me and the sunset.
 Eating on the front porch.
 We got fed this delicious dinner.

 Sunset in Texas.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 34 - H2

Hi Family,
   This week was super long and really, really hot.  We have not seen D.2 in like a week, but D. is doing great! She accepted a baptismal date and so did E. He is another investigator. E. is a guy that Elder Newby and Unick found before they smashed our areas into one. Elder Unick and I went to go and talk to him a few days ago and he was super cool! We were knocking on the door when he came up behind us and yelled, "HERMANOS" It was funny. So we started to talk about the message of the restoration and when we said apostasy, he was like, "Isn't that any time where the church or people turn away from the teachings of Christ?" We were blown away. Apparently he had a pamphlet and had read through the whole thing. It was super cool. We are gonna try to see him again tonight to teach him about the Book of Mormon.
   Three of our investigators have baptismal dates that are currently set for August 13th, but we might have to move D. because she is not married to the man she is living with.
    So we had some crazy spiritual experiences this week!! One day we were out and tracting, just trying to find some new people to teach and we were having a bum day. We had taught two lessons so far that day and neither had been very good. So we stopped and talked for a minute about what we should do. We said a prayer under a big tree to ask for help knowing what was wrong and how we could fix it. Instantly both of us thought of comp study. We decided that our comp studies had not been going well enough for the last several days. We had the idea that we should go back to the apartment and have a better comp study to prepare for the day, we both had it confirmed to us that it was a good idea. So we turned back and biked home. We had a good study and then had a great day after that.
   Another one, We were out yesterday in a complex wandering around trying to talk to people. We were way behind our plans for the day because we had the privilege to exercise our priesthood authority and give some blessings of health to some sick members. So nothing was happening in this complex and Elder Unick turns to me and says, "We are totally ignoring the plans that we made last night." So we left and started for another complex. We told the Lord that we would be there from 8-9. Right as we got there we met a guy named S. He was playing outside with his little son. They were taught for a long time by sister missionaries a while back and got lost in the cracks when the sisters moved out of the area. He told us that he really wanted us to visit him and his family and that his wife would be really excited to have missionaries again. We went where we told the Lord we would be and he dropped a golden brick in our laps. It was cool. 
   On another note, we have three inch roaches and like eight inch rats in our apartment. pero, asi es la vida. (but that's life)  We sat down to eat yesterday and a big fat rat walked into the middle of the floor in the kitchen. I offered him some of my pizza that we baked. Stupid jerk just ran under the dish washer... we were going to get traps at Walmart, but we spaced getting them today... dang. oops. looks like we have a new roomie for the week.  
   The pictures you emailed this week were super cool!! How are Grandma and Grandpa doing??  I miss them, I haven't seen them in a while!
   Well, have fun camping this week, I kinda feel bad for y'all. You aren't in TEXAS SERVING THE LORD!
I gotta go. Love you all! Talk next week! 
Elder Grimes
Uh, Elder?  You've got some Mango in your teeth...and on your face...
 My tan line. 
 "I have yet to wear sunscreen on my mission" 
(enter the part where his mom got mad at him!)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Week 33 - H2

Hi Family,
Monday the 4th of July- We woke up and did our laundry and studies just like always. Then we went to Walmart to do our shopping. Elder Unick and I actually shopped because we are the only ones staying in the apartment. Elder Spjute and Elder Newby just walked around the store for like an hour. haha Elder Spjute bought some Little Debbie pies. We went to the Calvert's and then we drove to Sugarland to drop Spjute at the mission home where we took some bomb district pictures. Then came the sad part, I gave him a big hug and we got in the car and left. Leaving a comp at the mission home is a really hard thing to do. Then we started driving home. We got about halfway when Elder Unick realized that he left his bag at the mission home...So we had to turn around and go back for it. After all that we had Subway and got back to our area. We taught an Investigator family. The parents are D. and R. and they have one son who is like 10. We taught them about the Book of Mormon and the lesson was really powerful! It was fun to work in a trio again. They said that we could come back on Friday. Then we went and saw D.2, another investigator.  President Hall has asked us that we make a focus of using the pamphlets to teach during the month of July, so we tried it. INSTANT BLESSINGS! D. 2 completely understood the restoration. Coolest thing ever to see people understand things. Then we went home and planned for Tuesday. I had to put my mattress on the floor in the other room for the next two nights while Elder Newby was still there.

Tuesday- It was weird without Elder Spjute that first morning. Staying within sight and sound was a lot harder, and waking up in the living room was odd. Studies were normal. We had the running meeting for the new missionaries!! That is where the new guys come and we take them street contacting right off the plane. It was super fun, I ran Elder Flake and Elder Johnson. They were both English and we did not find anyone who speaks English, But I found some Spanish people... Sorry guys. lol.  Later we went and saw D.2 again, we taught him about the Book of Mormon. He is such a cool guy, He just wants to learn! 

Wednesday- We woke up early and Got Elder Newby packed and ready to go then drove the car to the Mission Office. Elder Newby found his new companions and left. That was pretty sad, he is really fun. Elder Unick and I washed the car and dropped it off to Elder Burke, then did some study in the Eldridge chapel (mission office).  We had to wait for some other elders to take us back to our apartment. ugh. Not having a car is super hard! Plus, we have my old area and Elder Unicks old area combined.  It is massive!  We have the Houston medical center, the zoo, the astro dome, and Rice university in the area.

Thursday- Elder Unick and I have a two bedroom two bathroom apartment to ourselves now. Keeping sight and sound is a little bit trickier, but not bad. Lots of space and not a lot of noise anymore. Elder Unick and I are both pretty quite, neat people. We did move my study desk out from the back room and his bed into my room. Having the furniture rearranged makes it easier to get over the fact that people are gone. We each have a desk meant for two people. We have so much desk space and it is the best thing ever!!! We did weekly planning and had to cut it in half because we had an appointment to get to. Nothing too special today. 

Friday- We had a bomb day. We had a set appointment with D (the parents from the first of the week) at 6 that we had planned to go to with Hermana Olaya. Well, we got there and D walked up with a shopping cart full of food at the same time we pulled up. We started talking a little to stall for Hermana Olaya. After about 10 minutes we decided to just start the lesson. We spent like an hour preparing this lesson and we wanted it to be good. We were both super nervous for this lesson because neither of us are too great at Spanish and our member did not show up and we could not go inside. Her husband was not home. If there are not three adult males, including us, we cannot go inside somewhere. This was going to be a porch lesson. so we prayed and started using the pamphlet to teach her the Plan of Salvation. That was probably the second strongest I have felt the spirit on my whole mission. She wants to learn. As we talked about the atonement,  I invited her to be baptized. I said, "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God, and put the atonement of our savior into action in your life?" SHE SAID YES!! Now we just have to keep helping her progress. 

Saturday was uneventful.

Sunday-  At 7:30 we got a text asking if we could teach Gospel Principles. yay. haha so we had about an hour of prep time because we had meetings all morning. The lesson went great!! It was about our heavenly family.

This morning (Monday)- we borrowed the other guys in our complex's car. As elder Unick was backing out of the parking spot he turned the wheel too early and hit a pole. The bumber, light and quarter panel are ruined. haha just another day in the office - poor guy.
I love you!  Have a great week,
Elder Grimes
 The old district.
 Here we are again.
 Check it out Dad!

Week 32 - H2 4th of July!!

Hi Family,
I'm missing my favorite holiday at home.  I did indeed get the package with the towels. Tell Sharon THANK YOU!, they are awesome! I'm really excited for HR to come here.  He will be the 4th Titan here!!  Last week we got to go to the Houston Zoo on Pday.  It was really fun! 
I also have received a bunch of letters from the young men, I loved them.  I physically do not have time to write them all back. As missionaries we have to follow the rules in our little white handbook. One rule says that we can only communicate with family and friends on Pday. That includes writing letters. Crazy stuff. We only have like 8 hours for Pday anyway.  
Right now we are at the Calvert's house.  President Calvert is in the mission presidency. They are really cool and made us some awesome sandwiches!  I will be dropping off Elder Spjute later this afternoon and then I will be with Elder Unick next transfer!! I am really excited for that. I love that guy. Elder Spjute leaves from our area today, he flies home tomorrow. I have lived with him the whole time I have been in H2.  Elder Unick and I will be in the same area. We have to drop Elder Spjute in Sugarland at 4. I am going to miss him so freaking much. At the end of the night yesterday we had a comp prayer, and while I was saying it, I got all choked up... YOU DID THIS TO ME MOM!!!

Elder Unick and I want to ask if we can keep the car, I don't know if we will or not but we want to. Our mission is downsizing a ton!! We are losing more than 20 missionaries this week and only getting 12. We are cutting back on areas. Elder Unick and I will be living alone. 
Have fun getting ready Grandma and Grandpas house.  I miss them and wish I could see them...oh well, I will in 17 months!
I love you all and will write next week,
Elder Grimes
 Happy 4th!
For Real!
 Houston Zoo
 Elder Chimp and Elder Orangutan
 Texas Longhorn
 Hi guys!!