Saturday, June 25, 2016

Week 30 - H2

Hi Family,
So this week was really crazy. Siempre estamos bien sudados. (we are always really sweaty.)  It was over 100 degrees like 4 times this week! WOO SUMMER IS HERE!!! *silent sobs of absolute despair* In our apartment we go through more than 100 water bottles a week... It is painfully hot here, but still working hard.  Spanish is coming along, I understand pretty much everything and can speak enough to say what I want to. Now it is just learning vocabulary!!! LET'S GO!!

On Monday we had Pday. After that we went out to try to teach some people, nobody was home. Shocker right? Then we had a family in the ward sign up on our food calendar to feed us that night. They signed up for both elder companionship's.  The only way several pairs can eat with a member on the same day is if the bishop or the WML is there with us. So we set it up with the WML and got there at 7. Hermano P. opened the door and looked confused, he asked us if we were there to watch the soccer game. His wife had not told him that she signed up and she wasn't even home. So we left and WML took us to a restaurant. Just as our food got to our table, Hermano P. called and said that they had just started cooking and to come over in an hour. At this time it was like 7:45. With time restraints we were not able to accept.  Bummer.

On Tuesday nothing special happened during the day, but at night we got some big news. Remember J.? Our investigator that was gonna get baptized? Well, he was living with A. and R. (WML and friend). J. is a really messy guy and he had his stuff all over their living room.  The home teachers came over unannounced that night and wanted to talk, so A. asked J. to move his stuff so they could talk... J. flipped out.  In the morning he stormed out and said that he does not want to come to church anymore or get baptized. 

On Wednesday we had nothing. 

On Thursday we had a really fun weekly planning session!! Which was weird because normally WP stinks. I shared a scripture and Elder Spjute talked about when the veil gets thinner on peoples minds and used the term, scratching the veil. In my little cartoon imagination, I pictured a guy walking up to a curtain and bending over and scratching it curiously with one single finger. Lol 
So our WML, A., was going rogue and decided to not tell anyone about our Thursday night visits this week just to see which members would show up. Obviously to all of us, only the S. family came and A. got super angry. 

On Friday we taught Hermana P. She is real real old. Her testimony is super strong though. 

Saturday We had a ward father's day party. It was super fun!!! We had more people to that than we ever do to church... lol The young women did a dance performance to the song Timber by Ke$ha and Pitbull... Unedited... Super bad song. The spirit was gone so fast.  Good thing most of them don't speak English... 

Yesterday A. came to Ward Council like 20 minutes late dressed in jeans and a polo. He handed Bishop his keys and shook everyone's hand then left. He just quit because the ward has no unity. Oh gosh we are screwed. 

Also, Marc has given me the nickname of Elder Ken. From Barbie. Lol, I love it.
Gotta go,  Love you all!!! Have a great week!!!  

It just started raining really hard... wish me luck
Elder Grimes 

Mucho Sol. Estoy quemado.  (So much sun.  I got burned.)
This hot sauce says, "Agency?  No thanks!" - We know who thought that...

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