Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 28 - H2

 Hi Family,
 Long story short we have a baptism on the 21st!  J., our member/homeless friend.
We got rained on a ton, not as much as Brazos. 
Brazos is super far away, Mom. I have a tiny area that we are not allowed to leave. 
We have a mini missionary with us for the week.  His name is Hugo C.  He is cool!  He is 18 and still has one year of High School left.  He is set apart as a full time missionary. It is pretty cool. And he counts as a member present to all lessons that we teach this week!
I'm glad Dad got the text from the member.  She offered to text people and let them know with all of the rain that the missionaries are ok - we were all like, "cool idea."

I got a package from Sarah and Drew.  I took a pic but that is on the card that I sent home...but thanks for the birthday package Sarah and Drew and kids!  I also got some ties from Sharon this week, they are awesome.  Thanks Sharon!
I'm getting all of the letters, thanks for those.  P.S. Stop sending hymn tabs...I have enough.
It's funny that Blake was watching Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase, we were just talking about that like three days ago!!  Gpa & Gma Grimes sent me a Panda Express gift card that I'm excited to use..Thanks Gpa and Gma!

The Brother of Jared was the most faithful person to walk the Earth at his point in time.
That's my message for you this week :)

Well I gotta go,
Elder Grimes
Sorry for the lame emails this week. 

Our Mini Missionary!
P Day!!
 Ties from Sharon

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