Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 27 - H2

***A week late, sorry - Momma G***

Hey family,
This week was super rough. We had three baptismal dates drop. On Wednesday Elder Spjute and I were beginning our Comp study when we became best friends. He was telling me about what he had read in his personal study and it must have been something bad because I said, "I CAN'T RELATE!" He asked if I just quoted Strong Bad. Instant best friends. haha we laughed and quoted random SB emails for like 20 minutes. We have been using several quotes all week like, "Come on and get in the boat, fish."
    This week was really hot and humid. 90-95 all week and dripping. Contrary to popular belief, Mormon missionaries do not have gills. On Monday last week we went to the Post office to send some packages home and both of my cards got declined. I think I demagnetized my card from home on accident with one of my magnetic tags. That being said, My MSF card is out of money. I was irresponsible this month and will learn my lesson this week. We are going to go shopping after emailing and I will come home with no food. haha I have some cereal and a ton of European wafers that should be able to hold me over until next week. All of our investigators are being lazy too. Nobody came to church this last Sunday when they all said that they would. 5 different people. Agency sucks sometimes.  Stress is real as a missionary. I also crashed my bike super hard yesterday... TWICE. One time I fell into a bayou that runs along the road, and the other I hit a bush and got thrown over the handlebars. My wrist and ankle are hurting me pretty bad today... that is about it for this week.
We got completely soaked the other day on our bikes. Water about 3 inches deep on every road. On the bright side, that big blue coat I brought is totally water proof.
Love you all,
Elder Grimes

District Pic
 This was at church Sunday.
 ADD has hit an all time high!
 I got a hairsmall this week.  Before...
 The bayou or ditch that I crashed in.
 Prague treats, thanks Gpa and Gma!

 Look how bad this tan line is!

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