Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 31 - H2

 Hi Y'all,
On Monday Elder Newby and Elder Unick had Elder Fails with them as a traveling trainer. That is a new position that Pres. Hall started to try to get a feel for how the mission is doing. He had three missionaries do that this transfer..  What a traveling trainer does is they become a trio with a companionship for like two and a half days, and observe their teaching and how they act. Then they move to the next companionship.  Only dying missionaries (missionaries in their last transfer) get that position. It's new and they seem to have no input, just observing and move every two days. They all said that it is not fun. We have Elder L. with us today and he doesn't love the idea either. Maybe it will get better as we all get used to it.

 Tuesday we had zone meeting! It was super cool. I learned a ton! We have been using something called the Anti Responsibility list and we had a crazy training on that. We also talked about how important the Great Apostasy was in the grand scheme of things. We have used the AR list in several teaching situations since then, super fun! During part of the zone meeting Pres. Hall was talking about how we have the options of Fight or Flight in most situations in life. He then said that in the event of being met by a grizzly bear, neither one is the right choice. So Elder Spjute says, "You just need to talk it out with the bear." Elder Gardner said, "Don't touch me or I'll call the cops." During the closing hymn of the meeting, (Joseph Smith's first prayer) Elder Gardner leans to Elder Spjute and says, "You know, in the whole church, this has got to be my favorite prayer." They both died and could not sing at all. 

Wednesday was pretty lame for the most part. Then for dinner we went to China town and ate at this little hole in the wall. It was actually really good. Then we had a really deep conversation with Marc afterword. 

Thursday we had an exchange and Elder Unick and I went to the medical center to give a blessing to someone with an infection on his brain stem. They told us that he had not been able to move his legs in several days. As soon as the blessing was over he opened his eyes and started kicking around. We saw a miracle that day and it was amazing.  

Yesterday we had Stake Conference, it was pretty good.  One guy talked about family history and gave a great talk. The only problem was that he sounded just like Dr. Steve Brule. I could not "kreep" my "attrention" on what the "gruy" was trying to say. 

Hey that is so dang exciting that HR (a friend from school) is coming to my mission!! 

Have a great week, gotta go, Love Y'all!
Elder Grimes
 Me in sepia.
 Should this be our new pass along card?
 Marc gave me this pocket watch and Sharon and Paul gave me this tie...thanks guys!
 Check out Poseidon
 Awesome restaurant, pupusas are a Salvadorean dish.

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