Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 31 - H2

 Hi Y'all,
On Monday Elder Newby and Elder Unick had Elder Fails with them as a traveling trainer. That is a new position that Pres. Hall started to try to get a feel for how the mission is doing. He had three missionaries do that this transfer..  What a traveling trainer does is they become a trio with a companionship for like two and a half days, and observe their teaching and how they act. Then they move to the next companionship.  Only dying missionaries (missionaries in their last transfer) get that position. It's new and they seem to have no input, just observing and move every two days. They all said that it is not fun. We have Elder L. with us today and he doesn't love the idea either. Maybe it will get better as we all get used to it.

 Tuesday we had zone meeting! It was super cool. I learned a ton! We have been using something called the Anti Responsibility list and we had a crazy training on that. We also talked about how important the Great Apostasy was in the grand scheme of things. We have used the AR list in several teaching situations since then, super fun! During part of the zone meeting Pres. Hall was talking about how we have the options of Fight or Flight in most situations in life. He then said that in the event of being met by a grizzly bear, neither one is the right choice. So Elder Spjute says, "You just need to talk it out with the bear." Elder Gardner said, "Don't touch me or I'll call the cops." During the closing hymn of the meeting, (Joseph Smith's first prayer) Elder Gardner leans to Elder Spjute and says, "You know, in the whole church, this has got to be my favorite prayer." They both died and could not sing at all. 

Wednesday was pretty lame for the most part. Then for dinner we went to China town and ate at this little hole in the wall. It was actually really good. Then we had a really deep conversation with Marc afterword. 

Thursday we had an exchange and Elder Unick and I went to the medical center to give a blessing to someone with an infection on his brain stem. They told us that he had not been able to move his legs in several days. As soon as the blessing was over he opened his eyes and started kicking around. We saw a miracle that day and it was amazing.  

Yesterday we had Stake Conference, it was pretty good.  One guy talked about family history and gave a great talk. The only problem was that he sounded just like Dr. Steve Brule. I could not "kreep" my "attrention" on what the "gruy" was trying to say. 

Hey that is so dang exciting that HR (a friend from school) is coming to my mission!! 

Have a great week, gotta go, Love Y'all!
Elder Grimes
 Me in sepia.
 Should this be our new pass along card?
 Marc gave me this pocket watch and Sharon and Paul gave me this tie...thanks guys!
 Check out Poseidon
 Awesome restaurant, pupusas are a Salvadorean dish.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Week 30 - H2

Hi Family,
So this week was really crazy. Siempre estamos bien sudados. (we are always really sweaty.)  It was over 100 degrees like 4 times this week! WOO SUMMER IS HERE!!! *silent sobs of absolute despair* In our apartment we go through more than 100 water bottles a week... It is painfully hot here, but still working hard.  Spanish is coming along, I understand pretty much everything and can speak enough to say what I want to. Now it is just learning vocabulary!!! LET'S GO!!

On Monday we had Pday. After that we went out to try to teach some people, nobody was home. Shocker right? Then we had a family in the ward sign up on our food calendar to feed us that night. They signed up for both elder companionship's.  The only way several pairs can eat with a member on the same day is if the bishop or the WML is there with us. So we set it up with the WML and got there at 7. Hermano P. opened the door and looked confused, he asked us if we were there to watch the soccer game. His wife had not told him that she signed up and she wasn't even home. So we left and WML took us to a restaurant. Just as our food got to our table, Hermano P. called and said that they had just started cooking and to come over in an hour. At this time it was like 7:45. With time restraints we were not able to accept.  Bummer.

On Tuesday nothing special happened during the day, but at night we got some big news. Remember J.? Our investigator that was gonna get baptized? Well, he was living with A. and R. (WML and friend). J. is a really messy guy and he had his stuff all over their living room.  The home teachers came over unannounced that night and wanted to talk, so A. asked J. to move his stuff so they could talk... J. flipped out.  In the morning he stormed out and said that he does not want to come to church anymore or get baptized. 

On Wednesday we had nothing. 

On Thursday we had a really fun weekly planning session!! Which was weird because normally WP stinks. I shared a scripture and Elder Spjute talked about when the veil gets thinner on peoples minds and used the term, scratching the veil. In my little cartoon imagination, I pictured a guy walking up to a curtain and bending over and scratching it curiously with one single finger. Lol 
So our WML, A., was going rogue and decided to not tell anyone about our Thursday night visits this week just to see which members would show up. Obviously to all of us, only the S. family came and A. got super angry. 

On Friday we taught Hermana P. She is real real old. Her testimony is super strong though. 

Saturday We had a ward father's day party. It was super fun!!! We had more people to that than we ever do to church... lol The young women did a dance performance to the song Timber by Ke$ha and Pitbull... Unedited... Super bad song. The spirit was gone so fast.  Good thing most of them don't speak English... 

Yesterday A. came to Ward Council like 20 minutes late dressed in jeans and a polo. He handed Bishop his keys and shook everyone's hand then left. He just quit because the ward has no unity. Oh gosh we are screwed. 

Also, Marc has given me the nickname of Elder Ken. From Barbie. Lol, I love it.
Gotta go,  Love you all!!! Have a great week!!!  

It just started raining really hard... wish me luck
Elder Grimes 

Mucho Sol. Estoy quemado.  (So much sun.  I got burned.)
This hot sauce says, "Agency?  No thanks!" - We know who thought that...

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 29 - H2

Hi Family,
So this week was a crazy one!! We had Hugo with us for most of the week, making it feel like it was super productive. It was super productive actually. All of our 'other lessons' were turned into 'Member present lessons' because we had him -haha It was so fun!!  Having Hugo here made me want to work harder and be a better example to all of the guys younger than me that might be considering serving a mission. Throughout the week I had a bunch of opportunities to work with Hugo and "train" him on how to be a full-time missionary. I hope I get to train at some point on my mission!! He had so many questions about the rules and why we can't go swimming and a whole myriad of other silly questions. We had a fun time teaching him that we follow all of the rules even if we cannot always understand them completely. We follow them because we know that we will be protected and blessed if we do. Obedience is a huge part of our life on Earth. We have been given agency and have the freedom to do whatever we want. I just wish everyone knew how it felt to be obedient.

   This week was packed with lessons and various hurdles put in our way. Last Sunday it rained super hard for a while, making it impossible for us to bike and effectively use our time to teach people. So what we did was bunker down and read the missionary handbook with Hugo. It was fun and we learned a whole bunch. Hugo had a hard time with some of the rules, but we helped him to understand by sharing personal experiences with him. Then on Monday we woke up and had our studies. Hugo fell asleep for most of our personal study hour... After that we finished all the rest of our studies and went to email. At the library Hugo fell asleep because he did not want to email. One of the librarians yelled at him and it was hilarious. Apparently sleeping in the library is prohibited, something about homeless freeloaders, who knows. The rest of Pday was pretty uninteresting.   On Tuesday morning after studies Elder Spjute noticed that he had a flat tire, so we delayed getting out and Spjute put a patch on his tube. As soon as he was good to go we prayed and were about to leave when I noticed that I had a flat. Elder Spjute had just used our last patch so we looked through our "bike tool/English stuff" closet to see if we could find any more patches. We found one cruddy looking little sticker patch and I slapped it on good ol' Skeletor (my bike). It seemed to be holding pretty well so we rode the two miles to the chapel so Elder Spjute could do My plan. Stuff for dying missionaries (aka missionaries about to go home at the end of their 18 or 24 month service). When we left the chapel, MY TIRE WAS FLAT AGAIN!!! So sad. ugh. so we walked our bikes home in the dreadful heat. Got home and borrowed the car to go to wally world to get a new tube. haha Then we taught the husband of Hermana P. She is a way nice older lady and she is in the hospital because she is really sick. Her husband is not a member and just recently moved here from Central America. We feel like he could get baptized pretty soon. Wednesday was pretty standard, nothing amazing happened I guess. On Thursday we had weekly planning and Hugo slept for 3 out of 4 hours of that. Haha, that kid could sleep anywhere. 

On Friday we had a big mission conference and Elder Foster of the Seventy came and talked to us. He did a big Q and A session that was pretty cool. Three questions stuck out to me. 
1. Where is Kolob?
2. What is the temperature of translated beings?
3. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

These were anonymous questions and went unanswered :)

Hey, I fit comfortably into medium shirts... who knew?  And while it is on my mind, Elder Spjute is just like Andy, they are like the same guy! Super funny. 

We went to China Star with the Ward Mission Leader on Saturday and Sunday was pretty much normal.

I miss Hugo!

Love you all,
Elder Grimes
My 6 month burning of a tie!
Skeletor's flat tire.
If I am watching where I am going how the crud am I supposed to take awesome bike selfies??
The Peculiar Purple 'Eye' Man - of Porcupine Peak!
Bright Sun and clouds leaving China Star.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 28 - H2

 Hi Family,
 Long story short we have a baptism on the 21st!  J., our member/homeless friend.
We got rained on a ton, not as much as Brazos. 
Brazos is super far away, Mom. I have a tiny area that we are not allowed to leave. 
We have a mini missionary with us for the week.  His name is Hugo C.  He is cool!  He is 18 and still has one year of High School left.  He is set apart as a full time missionary. It is pretty cool. And he counts as a member present to all lessons that we teach this week!
I'm glad Dad got the text from the member.  She offered to text people and let them know with all of the rain that the missionaries are ok - we were all like, "cool idea."

I got a package from Sarah and Drew.  I took a pic but that is on the card that I sent home...but thanks for the birthday package Sarah and Drew and kids!  I also got some ties from Sharon this week, they are awesome.  Thanks Sharon!
I'm getting all of the letters, thanks for those.  P.S. Stop sending hymn tabs...I have enough.
It's funny that Blake was watching Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase, we were just talking about that like three days ago!!  Gpa & Gma Grimes sent me a Panda Express gift card that I'm excited to use..Thanks Gpa and Gma!

The Brother of Jared was the most faithful person to walk the Earth at his point in time.
That's my message for you this week :)

Well I gotta go,
Elder Grimes
Sorry for the lame emails this week. 

Our Mini Missionary!
P Day!!
 Ties from Sharon

Week 27 - H2

***A week late, sorry - Momma G***

Hey family,
This week was super rough. We had three baptismal dates drop. On Wednesday Elder Spjute and I were beginning our Comp study when we became best friends. He was telling me about what he had read in his personal study and it must have been something bad because I said, "I CAN'T RELATE!" He asked if I just quoted Strong Bad. Instant best friends. haha we laughed and quoted random SB emails for like 20 minutes. We have been using several quotes all week like, "Come on and get in the boat, fish."
    This week was really hot and humid. 90-95 all week and dripping. Contrary to popular belief, Mormon missionaries do not have gills. On Monday last week we went to the Post office to send some packages home and both of my cards got declined. I think I demagnetized my card from home on accident with one of my magnetic tags. That being said, My MSF card is out of money. I was irresponsible this month and will learn my lesson this week. We are going to go shopping after emailing and I will come home with no food. haha I have some cereal and a ton of European wafers that should be able to hold me over until next week. All of our investigators are being lazy too. Nobody came to church this last Sunday when they all said that they would. 5 different people. Agency sucks sometimes.  Stress is real as a missionary. I also crashed my bike super hard yesterday... TWICE. One time I fell into a bayou that runs along the road, and the other I hit a bush and got thrown over the handlebars. My wrist and ankle are hurting me pretty bad today... that is about it for this week.
We got completely soaked the other day on our bikes. Water about 3 inches deep on every road. On the bright side, that big blue coat I brought is totally water proof.
Love you all,
Elder Grimes

District Pic
 This was at church Sunday.
 ADD has hit an all time high!
 I got a hairsmall this week.  Before...
 The bayou or ditch that I crashed in.
 Prague treats, thanks Gpa and Gma!

 Look how bad this tan line is!