Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 26 - H2

  We hit our goals perfectly for the first time in my whole mission!!! That is the third for Elder Spjute. We have two baptismal dates set right now. K was having a hard time with some things, like honesty so she is dealing with that right now.  The two that we do have are for J.N. and J.E. J.E. is one of the teens that asked for a Book of Mormon. He is super cool and looking to make a change in his life. J.N. used to be a member, but his records got lost and we have to teach him again and baptize him again. lol some missionaries don't send in their baptismal records and cause all sorts of problems.  J.N. is like 40 and he is homeless.  We did a service project this week with Eloy again. We unpack a truck full of food every Wednesday at a food bank, then pack it with furniture to take to a resale shop. It is pretty fun.

  Transfers are this week.  Spjute and I are staying together here. Seal is leaving.  Elder Newby is coming to be with us.  He came in on the same day that I did.  This is Spjutes last transfer.

  I ready Grandma Myrtle's life story this week. That was super cool!!  Grandma Myrtle had a hard life. So much respect. 

  I got two letters this week. They made me so happy!! I LOVED the letter from Bean. I miss the little stink.

I love you guys!!  Talk to you next week,
Elder Grimes

Good thing I have waterproof shoes!
 This tree in a members apartment parking lot broke...
and landed here!
We drew pictures for the wall at Annie's (a restaurant)

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