Thursday, May 12, 2016

Week 24 - H2

 Hey Family,
This week was crazy!! On Monday we were gonna try to go to Guitar Center but it is out of our zone. So Elder Chamberlain and I went to a pawn shop where I bought an awesome guitar. I also got sick on Monday. Pretty sure I just got slammed with allergies, but still. So on Tuesday we stayed in for a few hours and took a nap. That stunk so bad. Then we got out and worked for the rest of the day trying to find people. Not much success. Then on Wednesday we started out by having two things to do. We had to be to a service project at 10:30 and we had to wait on a windshield replacement at our apartment from 9-12. So Elder Spjute and Elder Seal rode their bikes to the service project, while Elder Unick and I stayed at the apartment and waited for the Safelite guy. Elder Unick was in the bathroom when he got there so I had to log into Tiwi (the car monitoring system) and "Emergency Backup" across the parking lot so he could access the car. Then I didn't log out of Tiwi and when the guy was done he said that Tiwi was yelling, "Aggressive Driver!" at him the whole time he was working on replacing the windshield. Tiwi is stuck to the windshield up next to where the rear view mirror is, and has a gyro and a plug to the car. When it gets shaken violently, the driver gets a violation. When you get above 5,000 RPMs the driver gets a violation, when you speed for more than ten seconds the driver gets a violation.... so he was shaking it a ton. He said that it would not stop yelling "Aggressive Driver" at him the whole time he was working on the car. Elder Burke just called us from the office and asked what was up. We explained what happened and I don't think he will take my Tiwi away. Thursday was bad. We were both sick and we napped after studies until dinner, then we had weekly planning, super lame day. Friday we had a crap ton of time outside teaching people. Lots of porch lessons. Then we had dinner with the O. family. They are so dang cool!! This ward that I am in now is awesome! Saturday we knocked doors for like 4 hours and I got destroyed by bugs and the sun. haha I think I may have cancer in my right hand. Every time I get burned, the same spot gets extra dark. On Saturday night we had a ward Mother's day party which Elder Spjute and I had to leave early to be able to give some Baptismal interviews for some other Elders. Super cool family. 
My Birthday was great!! 
I might get to go to Juanita's baptism this weekend back in brazos. She is an investigator that I taught.
Also, we have a temple trip planned for next Tuesday!!!!! My first trip to the Houston Temple!  I'm excited, the W. family is taking us, I was at their house for the Mother's Day call yesterday.
Love y'all!
Elder Grimes
 Thanks for my Birthday Package!
 And my Birthday guitar!!
 Thanks Brown family for my Birthday Goodies!!
 Me and Elder Seal with our left over roses that we played 'What are the Odd's' with.
 My Desk.
 I fell asleep on my arm while I was sick...see 'Elder Grimes' on my arm? ;)
 A 'Tag Pic' for Mom.
 My Zen Garden.


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