Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 23 - H2

****Note from Brig's Mom - Elder Grimes will be 19 years old on Sunday, May 8th.****
It you have a minute please send him a Happy Birthday wish either by email
or to the mission home (address in the right bar under his picture)
You could email me for his direct address if you want as well.    -Thanks!

Hi Family,

     I am super stoked about Blake being ordained a priest!!!  I am once again at computer in a library!! How is everyone doing?? I am super great! This week was pretty great. I had my first actual exchange!! I have had one before but we only took a zone leader with us. This time Elder Spjute left the area and I had a zone leader here with me! I Had to guide him around my new area and speak Spanish by myself for a day!! I was super surprised by how much Spanish I know.  My Spanish is getting a lot quicker, and I also found my way around the area pretty well too. I had Elder Webster, he is a super soft spoken guy and he is currently serving in Burmese. It's a crazy language!!! The flood cleanup is all done now.  It was super sad, one lady lost a giant box of family photos albums.  Other that that, we have one Investigator with a baptismal date, no guarantee that she will actually get baptized, but I am pretty stoked about it!!! Her name is K and her brother is a less active member.

   That is so cool about McSweeneys serving in Australia!!  I got the email from Dad telling me to get a guitar for my birthday...Thank you guys so much!!!  Having a guitar will be so much fun!
I love you all! Talk to you Sunday!!
Elder Grimes

Czech Book of Mormon (Hi Grandma and Grandpa!)
 Just me.
 This is Hercules!
 Sometimes I take good pictures ;)
 Elder Spjute and crawfish.  
I think I am allergic to crawfish...I got super itchy and my throat felt like it was gonna die!

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