Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 26 - H2

  We hit our goals perfectly for the first time in my whole mission!!! That is the third for Elder Spjute. We have two baptismal dates set right now. K was having a hard time with some things, like honesty so she is dealing with that right now.  The two that we do have are for J.N. and J.E. J.E. is one of the teens that asked for a Book of Mormon. He is super cool and looking to make a change in his life. J.N. used to be a member, but his records got lost and we have to teach him again and baptize him again. lol some missionaries don't send in their baptismal records and cause all sorts of problems.  J.N. is like 40 and he is homeless.  We did a service project this week with Eloy again. We unpack a truck full of food every Wednesday at a food bank, then pack it with furniture to take to a resale shop. It is pretty fun.

  Transfers are this week.  Spjute and I are staying together here. Seal is leaving.  Elder Newby is coming to be with us.  He came in on the same day that I did.  This is Spjutes last transfer.

  I ready Grandma Myrtle's life story this week. That was super cool!!  Grandma Myrtle had a hard life. So much respect. 

  I got two letters this week. They made me so happy!! I LOVED the letter from Bean. I miss the little stink.

I love you guys!!  Talk to you next week,
Elder Grimes

Good thing I have waterproof shoes!
 This tree in a members apartment parking lot broke...
and landed here!
We drew pictures for the wall at Annie's (a restaurant)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 25 - H2

Hi Everyone,
  This week was crazy! First of all we switched our P-Day to Tuesday this week so that we could go to the Houston Temple. It was so nice. I have been so stressed lately and just getting away from it all was so nice.
  There is a guy we spend time with occasionally named M. He spends lots of time with missionaries and knows like everything about the gospel. Really cool guy. He took us out to eat at Ghengis Grill on Tuesday and it was sooooooo good. They were playing 80's music and I loved it so much. Then we went and visited some less active members with M. On Wednesday we went and provided service at the food bank again. We unloaded more than 10,000 pounds of food out of a truck. super fun and sweaty. Then we had dinner at the home of the V family. Only V. V. was home(16 year old). She is super cool and because of mission rules, we could not go inside the house, but she gave us food on the porch and then went next door and brought over her friend and we ate and taught the friend a lesson about the restoration of the gospel. J. (the friend) is really cool too. She is super smart and ready to listen. She is a new investigator that we are excited to work with. Then on Thursday we had Zone Conference and that was super cool. We learned a lot about becoming better disciples of Christ. We also learned a lot about working with members.  Something we are working on with our bishop is ward unity. On Friday we went to see a member Physical Therapist who helps missionaries for free for Elder Spjutes back. Then we did weekly planning which took a few hours then we were out and about for a long time. A young man came up to us and asked us if he could get a Book of Mormon to read. We set an appointment to come back and visit him. His name is J. and he accepted a baptismal date for the eleventh of June. He is super cool! On Saturday we woke up early and headed to the chapel to help our ward clean. Nobody came and we cleaned by ourselves. Then at 2:00 the sisters had a baptism for two little boys who are super cool. After the baptism we stayed to do some more cleaning and got stranded in the chapel until like 6:30. It was raining super hard and we could not go home. We played basketball and watched Bible videos in the clerks office. haha. On Saturday night we got rained into our apartment. We also had another joven (young man) come up to us yesterday and ask us about church. He is Z. and he is super cool. He has lots of misconceptions about religion and it is pretty funny. Two quotes stuck out to me. "If you pray to Mary and St Juan you'll go to hell, right?" and, "Didn't we start from monkeys, then one monkey was messin' around one day and he ate the wrong apple. That apple made him a man." We are gonna teach him. He said that he doesn't go to school because he works so we asked him what he does and he said, "Have you ever heard of Man-holes?"..... I thought he said, "Have you ever heard of Man Hoes"... Super funny.
Have a great week,
Elder Grimes

 Me at the temple yesterday.
 Tag Pic
 Tag Pic
 Tiniest frog ever!
 My district at the temple.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Week 24 - H2

 Hey Family,
This week was crazy!! On Monday we were gonna try to go to Guitar Center but it is out of our zone. So Elder Chamberlain and I went to a pawn shop where I bought an awesome guitar. I also got sick on Monday. Pretty sure I just got slammed with allergies, but still. So on Tuesday we stayed in for a few hours and took a nap. That stunk so bad. Then we got out and worked for the rest of the day trying to find people. Not much success. Then on Wednesday we started out by having two things to do. We had to be to a service project at 10:30 and we had to wait on a windshield replacement at our apartment from 9-12. So Elder Spjute and Elder Seal rode their bikes to the service project, while Elder Unick and I stayed at the apartment and waited for the Safelite guy. Elder Unick was in the bathroom when he got there so I had to log into Tiwi (the car monitoring system) and "Emergency Backup" across the parking lot so he could access the car. Then I didn't log out of Tiwi and when the guy was done he said that Tiwi was yelling, "Aggressive Driver!" at him the whole time he was working on replacing the windshield. Tiwi is stuck to the windshield up next to where the rear view mirror is, and has a gyro and a plug to the car. When it gets shaken violently, the driver gets a violation. When you get above 5,000 RPMs the driver gets a violation, when you speed for more than ten seconds the driver gets a violation.... so he was shaking it a ton. He said that it would not stop yelling "Aggressive Driver" at him the whole time he was working on the car. Elder Burke just called us from the office and asked what was up. We explained what happened and I don't think he will take my Tiwi away. Thursday was bad. We were both sick and we napped after studies until dinner, then we had weekly planning, super lame day. Friday we had a crap ton of time outside teaching people. Lots of porch lessons. Then we had dinner with the O. family. They are so dang cool!! This ward that I am in now is awesome! Saturday we knocked doors for like 4 hours and I got destroyed by bugs and the sun. haha I think I may have cancer in my right hand. Every time I get burned, the same spot gets extra dark. On Saturday night we had a ward Mother's day party which Elder Spjute and I had to leave early to be able to give some Baptismal interviews for some other Elders. Super cool family. 
My Birthday was great!! 
I might get to go to Juanita's baptism this weekend back in brazos. She is an investigator that I taught.
Also, we have a temple trip planned for next Tuesday!!!!! My first trip to the Houston Temple!  I'm excited, the W. family is taking us, I was at their house for the Mother's Day call yesterday.
Love y'all!
Elder Grimes
 Thanks for my Birthday Package!
 And my Birthday guitar!!
 Thanks Brown family for my Birthday Goodies!!
 Me and Elder Seal with our left over roses that we played 'What are the Odd's' with.
 My Desk.
 I fell asleep on my arm while I was sick...see 'Elder Grimes' on my arm? ;)
 A 'Tag Pic' for Mom.
 My Zen Garden.


Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 23 - H2

****Note from Brig's Mom - Elder Grimes will be 19 years old on Sunday, May 8th.****
It you have a minute please send him a Happy Birthday wish either by email
or to the mission home (address in the right bar under his picture)
You could email me for his direct address if you want as well.   buffergrimes@gmail.com    -Thanks!

Hi Family,

     I am super stoked about Blake being ordained a priest!!!  I am once again at computer in a library!! How is everyone doing?? I am super great! This week was pretty great. I had my first actual exchange!! I have had one before but we only took a zone leader with us. This time Elder Spjute left the area and I had a zone leader here with me! I Had to guide him around my new area and speak Spanish by myself for a day!! I was super surprised by how much Spanish I know.  My Spanish is getting a lot quicker, and I also found my way around the area pretty well too. I had Elder Webster, he is a super soft spoken guy and he is currently serving in Burmese. It's a crazy language!!! The flood cleanup is all done now.  It was super sad, one lady lost a giant box of family photos albums.  Other that that, we have one Investigator with a baptismal date, no guarantee that she will actually get baptized, but I am pretty stoked about it!!! Her name is K and her brother is a less active member.

   That is so cool about McSweeneys serving in Australia!!  I got the email from Dad telling me to get a guitar for my birthday...Thank you guys so much!!!  Having a guitar will be so much fun!
I love you all! Talk to you Sunday!!
Elder Grimes

Czech Book of Mormon (Hi Grandma and Grandpa!)
 Just me.
 This is Hercules!
 Sometimes I take good pictures ;)
 Elder Spjute and crawfish.  
I think I am allergic to crawfish...I got super itchy and my throat felt like it was gonna die!