Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Week 22 - H2

Hey Family,
   Most of this week has consisted of service after the floods. Holy cow so many houses got utterly doomed by the rain. It's crazy how much damage water can do. But we strapped on our yellow "Mormon helping hands" t-shirts and got to work.  We had like two feet of standing water in a lot of houses. Everything was trashed.  Basically from between 8 and 9 every morning to about 5 we were out helping people tear out drywall, carpet, move furniture and a ton of other various home saving/wrecking tasks. Man, we are so lucky to live in Utah where floods like this don't happen. For real tho!! I miss mountains so much. 
   With long days in super gross humidity I have had no problem sleeping at night. Well, until Saturday night. Our district is over Sacrament meeting every fifth Sunday.  In our correlation meeting on Saturday, Right before we all left to go do service, Our WML asked if we were ready to speak... Uhhhhh sure. So we agreed that Elder Unick, Hermana Burger, and I would speak because we are all pretty new to the area. So I had a general idea of what I was going to speak about, but nothing prepared yet. haha So I wrote a talk in Spanish at 10:45 on Saturday night and then proceeded to give this talk on Sunday. It was about Christlike attributes. I feel like it went well. Then we sang a rendition of a song called Come unto Christ. Elder Spjute Translated it and the lyrics flow really well. Then Elder Spjute and I taught Primary. That was so bad. The kids were just really bad that day.

Quote of the week
"Do you think that Satan ever tempts himself on accident?...
"Like, to do something good?"
Elder Seal
The 4 of us do P day together every week, they are so cool.  Every night is like a sleep over.
 Well, we are all out of time!!

I love you guys, Have an awesome week!!!!! 
Elder Grimes
Elder Spjute needed an adjustment so we went to a chiropractor this week and this was on the wall.
Elder Spjute was on the news!
Mark, a Non-baptized member took us to Fuddies this week!


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