Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 20 - Brazos, Texas

This week was awesome!!!
   Last Monday right after P Day ended, we got a new investigator named E. She has a baptismal date and seems to be really interested! She is really cool and has lots of questions. We have been working with J. all week trying to get her to remember what we teach her. If we use pictures and go really slow it goes pretty well. She came to church yesterday and loved it! This week was for the most part super slow until Saturday. On Saturday, we woke up at 5:30 and drove to Sugarland to provide service at a 5k fun run/walk thing. The whole district went. The sisters ran the registration desk and we manned the water table at the starting line. Nobody took water from our table and a group of like 6 ladies came over and told us that they would take care of the table so we could go do other stuff. Well, there was nothing else to do so we got free nachos and ice cream and drove the sisters crazy with cosmic numbers. hahaha After that we had to rush to the church to decorate for a wedding that was to be in the church that night. It was super fun to decorate the gym with banners, and fancy tables and crap.. haha Elder Grimaldo had to climb up onto the back of the basketball hoop to be able to string up all the banners. He looked like a monkey. Once we had it all done, the wedding started. They were married in the chapel and then we had a big party in the gym. We jammed to cumbia music for like three hours. It stinks that missionaries are not allowed to dance. Oh well, it doesn't really matter. we had fun anyway. Then we had to stay and clean up after the wedding... that took forever. Man, Hispanic parties kick the crap out of American parties. hahaha. The married couple were baptized yesterday after church. That was pretty much the whole week.
    Transfers are this week and I am being moved to Houston 2. so don't mail me for a while.  My new comp is Elder Spjute and he is the District Leader. I meet him on Wednesday.. I don't want to pack....
    The language is coming along.  I can understand Spanish so much better than I can speak.. it is discouraging at times.  Elder Grimaldo says that I do a lot better than I give myself credit for.  Being somewhat of a perfectionist kinda stinks when you can't speak...
    We will probably go to Panda Express again today, it makes P Day a happy day. haha  Panda is so yummy!!

I am out of time, I love you guys!!!!
Have a great week!
Elder Grimes

 I am a proud missionary!
 The bubbles you sent in our Easter Packages are the best!
A cool hole in the cloud.
 Just hanging around.
 YES!  Panda!
 The decorations.
I don't look the same as when I left.

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