Saturday, April 9, 2016

Week 19 - Brazos, Texas

 Hey Y'all!
  How are ya? How did you all like conference? I absolutely loved it!! My favorite talk was the concluding remarks by Elder Holland. He is such a powerful guy! There were a lot of really powerful messages this time around and a lot of them hit me really hard. I went from page 39 to page 75 in my study journal just taking notes during all the sessions! I am so proud of myself! hahaha This week was really fun! If you look on google maps and find the town of Beasley, we were out there a bunch this week. We found a little old lady named J. who is super. Her husband is kind of hard on her and never lets her have anything or leave the house. The only place she can go is to church if someone picks her up. So that is what we did yesterday. We went with a member to her house and picked her up and went to the chapel to watch conference. She loved it!!! The branch had a lunch party between sessions and J. made a lot of new friends. (mainly with all of the older Spanish ladies...) She is one of the three new investigators we got this week. All of our hard work and disappointments seem to be paying off. Our other two are R. and his wife (we still don't know her name..) but they are nondenominational Christians and have a strong faith in Christ. They are super cool and they have the cutest little 4 year old daughter. They are really fun to go visit. 
  The computer I am on will not let me send pics this week.. I'm sorry.  I have some super cool ones that I want to send y'all.  Mom,I am so glad you are having a fun time in Prague!! I am super jealous!
  One of the days while we were riding our bikes around talking to everyone we stumbled upon some Jehovah's Witnesses. ugh...

A wild J-Dub appeared!!!

Wild J-Dub used "distorted bible reference"

It wasn't very effective...

Strapping young missionary used "call to repentance"

It's super effective!!

Wild J-Dub has fainted..

Strapping young missionary gained 2627 exp.

I hope you enjoyed the Pokemon reference there ;)
I love you all.  Talk to you next week.
Elder Grimes

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