Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Week 22 - H2

Hey Family,
   Most of this week has consisted of service after the floods. Holy cow so many houses got utterly doomed by the rain. It's crazy how much damage water can do. But we strapped on our yellow "Mormon helping hands" t-shirts and got to work.  We had like two feet of standing water in a lot of houses. Everything was trashed.  Basically from between 8 and 9 every morning to about 5 we were out helping people tear out drywall, carpet, move furniture and a ton of other various home saving/wrecking tasks. Man, we are so lucky to live in Utah where floods like this don't happen. For real tho!! I miss mountains so much. 
   With long days in super gross humidity I have had no problem sleeping at night. Well, until Saturday night. Our district is over Sacrament meeting every fifth Sunday.  In our correlation meeting on Saturday, Right before we all left to go do service, Our WML asked if we were ready to speak... Uhhhhh sure. So we agreed that Elder Unick, Hermana Burger, and I would speak because we are all pretty new to the area. So I had a general idea of what I was going to speak about, but nothing prepared yet. haha So I wrote a talk in Spanish at 10:45 on Saturday night and then proceeded to give this talk on Sunday. It was about Christlike attributes. I feel like it went well. Then we sang a rendition of a song called Come unto Christ. Elder Spjute Translated it and the lyrics flow really well. Then Elder Spjute and I taught Primary. That was so bad. The kids were just really bad that day.

Quote of the week
"Do you think that Satan ever tempts himself on accident?...
"Like, to do something good?"
Elder Seal
The 4 of us do P day together every week, they are so cool.  Every night is like a sleep over.
 Well, we are all out of time!!

I love you guys, Have an awesome week!!!!! 
Elder Grimes
Elder Spjute needed an adjustment so we went to a chiropractor this week and this was on the wall.
Elder Spjute was on the news!
Mark, a Non-baptized member took us to Fuddies this week!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 21 - H2

I'm alive, I'm alive

This is where I live now. We are in a bike area and I have been riding all week!! It is so much fun here!!!  Elder Spjute is really cool!! He is an amazing singer! We live with two other Elders, Elders Seal and Unick. They are super cool guys, we all get along super well! The apartment is super nice. We live right in the middle of our area which makes biking super easy. The other elders have a car, we do not. We ride with them to do stuff like church and Pday things.
I have been tying really hard to learn the area and also to meet the members here in the ward. It is stressful but fun too. It is a Spanish Ward and they are the coolest members! My favorite member family so far are the S family. Bro. S is blind and is the most able blind man I have ever met. (I have only ever met two blind people.....) They are super strong members. 

Sunday night was crazy!!! It started to rain super hard while we were biking around 7 PM and progressively got worse all night. Really hard rain and thunder all night long! Floods like crazy! Everyone flooded! We were super lucky and our apt. did not get flooded :) but President Hall would not let missionaries drive until like 1 PM. and the roads were all underwater. Craziest thing I have ever seen!!!  We washed our clothes early in the morning while it was still raining super hard. We had to go around the corner and cross the street to be able to refill our laundry card and there was like a foot of water everywhere. I rolled up my pants and took my shoes off, I felt like a total hobbit!! It was the coolest thing ever! We have a park in our complex that is a big grass area that turned into a lake, it was amazing. After laundry we waited inside until like 3 then we made it to Walmart to buy our groceries, that was a mess. We went back and hunkered down for a while. This morning we had our studies then went out and provided service all day long. That is why I have not emailed yet. I have been tearing out carpet and hardwood all day. It has been such a fun day!
So many people lost their homes, their cars, everything they had. It stinks. But at the same time the rain is the coolest thing I have ever seen.
I love you all! 
Elder Grimes

The park area at our apartment was turned into a lake!
 Our apartment building.

 Cars totally under water all over the place. crazy stuff!

 My "Hobbit" feet in the flood.

 Me and Elder Spjute...we have since cleaned the mirror ;)

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 20 - Brazos, Texas

This week was awesome!!!
   Last Monday right after P Day ended, we got a new investigator named E. She has a baptismal date and seems to be really interested! She is really cool and has lots of questions. We have been working with J. all week trying to get her to remember what we teach her. If we use pictures and go really slow it goes pretty well. She came to church yesterday and loved it! This week was for the most part super slow until Saturday. On Saturday, we woke up at 5:30 and drove to Sugarland to provide service at a 5k fun run/walk thing. The whole district went. The sisters ran the registration desk and we manned the water table at the starting line. Nobody took water from our table and a group of like 6 ladies came over and told us that they would take care of the table so we could go do other stuff. Well, there was nothing else to do so we got free nachos and ice cream and drove the sisters crazy with cosmic numbers. hahaha After that we had to rush to the church to decorate for a wedding that was to be in the church that night. It was super fun to decorate the gym with banners, and fancy tables and crap.. haha Elder Grimaldo had to climb up onto the back of the basketball hoop to be able to string up all the banners. He looked like a monkey. Once we had it all done, the wedding started. They were married in the chapel and then we had a big party in the gym. We jammed to cumbia music for like three hours. It stinks that missionaries are not allowed to dance. Oh well, it doesn't really matter. we had fun anyway. Then we had to stay and clean up after the wedding... that took forever. Man, Hispanic parties kick the crap out of American parties. hahaha. The married couple were baptized yesterday after church. That was pretty much the whole week.
    Transfers are this week and I am being moved to Houston 2. so don't mail me for a while.  My new comp is Elder Spjute and he is the District Leader. I meet him on Wednesday.. I don't want to pack....
    The language is coming along.  I can understand Spanish so much better than I can speak.. it is discouraging at times.  Elder Grimaldo says that I do a lot better than I give myself credit for.  Being somewhat of a perfectionist kinda stinks when you can't speak...
    We will probably go to Panda Express again today, it makes P Day a happy day. haha  Panda is so yummy!!

I am out of time, I love you guys!!!!
Have a great week!
Elder Grimes

 I am a proud missionary!
 The bubbles you sent in our Easter Packages are the best!
A cool hole in the cloud.
 Just hanging around.
 YES!  Panda!
 The decorations.
I don't look the same as when I left.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Week 19 - Brazos, Texas

 Hey Y'all!
  How are ya? How did you all like conference? I absolutely loved it!! My favorite talk was the concluding remarks by Elder Holland. He is such a powerful guy! There were a lot of really powerful messages this time around and a lot of them hit me really hard. I went from page 39 to page 75 in my study journal just taking notes during all the sessions! I am so proud of myself! hahaha This week was really fun! If you look on google maps and find the town of Beasley, we were out there a bunch this week. We found a little old lady named J. who is super. Her husband is kind of hard on her and never lets her have anything or leave the house. The only place she can go is to church if someone picks her up. So that is what we did yesterday. We went with a member to her house and picked her up and went to the chapel to watch conference. She loved it!!! The branch had a lunch party between sessions and J. made a lot of new friends. (mainly with all of the older Spanish ladies...) She is one of the three new investigators we got this week. All of our hard work and disappointments seem to be paying off. Our other two are R. and his wife (we still don't know her name..) but they are nondenominational Christians and have a strong faith in Christ. They are super cool and they have the cutest little 4 year old daughter. They are really fun to go visit. 
  The computer I am on will not let me send pics this week.. I'm sorry.  I have some super cool ones that I want to send y'all.  Mom,I am so glad you are having a fun time in Prague!! I am super jealous!
  One of the days while we were riding our bikes around talking to everyone we stumbled upon some Jehovah's Witnesses. ugh...

A wild J-Dub appeared!!!

Wild J-Dub used "distorted bible reference"

It wasn't very effective...

Strapping young missionary used "call to repentance"

It's super effective!!

Wild J-Dub has fainted..

Strapping young missionary gained 2627 exp.

I hope you enjoyed the Pokemon reference there ;)
I love you all.  Talk to you next week.
Elder Grimes