Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 16 - Brazos, Texas

Hi everybody!!! Thanks for sending all of the selfies with ward members, you are my hero.  Send more.  I got that package about 15 minutes ago. I got a little thing in our mailbox on Saturday that makes me think they tried to deliver it on Saturday, but the lady that runs the offices at our apartments is never there. So they were going to deliver it today. I went and picked it up at the post office today. Sheesh haha. I have not been able to open it yet. What allergy medicines work? I forgot what you told me last week and I have been dying all week. I have probably sneezed a billion times and my eyes are super itchy. I did get eye drops tho.and they seem to help a little.


It was INCREDIBLE.  It rains in Utah but my goodness. It was the hardest rain I have ever seen and it rained for almost 16 hours straight!!! It was so cool! There were crazy flood warnings everywhere and the streets had become rivers. Coolest thing I have ever seen!!!

All of our investigators did not keep commitments again. But we did meet several potential new investigators. An older lady, and a young family. They seem really interested and we are really excited to work with them.

We had a service project at the Red Cross and seeing this phone made me happy. We also got to give a blessing to a member who is in the hospital this week. We took a trip to the middle of nowhere this week to see an investigator.  I took a picture so that you can see how flat it is.  

This was at the end of the day when we walked from our car into the apartment. 
Maybe 30 seconds of being outside.
Red Cross Service Project, the phones are just like the ones I answered at Western Wholesale 
 Look what Brandi sent me!  Thanks Montoyas!
 Look, the middle of nowhere!
 The Hospital 

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