Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 14 - Brazos, Texas

Hey Framly,
This week was a doosey to say the least. We Dropped off Elder Steed at the Mission home on Monday, and after that it was just me and Elder Grimaldo I love this guy!! He is a really good trainer. He makes sure that I am always getting my studies in and he helps me with my Spanish a ton!  He has been such a blessing to me this week. It is slowly getting uncomfortably warm here.  We had to drive Elder Steed all over creation during February and we thought that we had run out of miles.... Apparently those miles were excused.. But we were on bikes all week. That was super fun, but also really, really hard. Our apartment is just about a mile outside of our area, and the closest people that we visit are like 3-4 miles into the area. We biked like 30-40 miles this week at least. And what sucks is that Texas drivers don't give a crap. I was almost hit like a bajillion times. I almost got hit by a dang school bus. I could have touched it with my elbow had I extended my arm!!! That was super freaky!! I also got attacked by like 3 dogs this week. There are a whole bunch of stray animals here. I had to punch one of them in the head. LoL "FINISH HIM" 
This guitar that I "acquired" is saving my life.  Playing it keeps me sane. 

Our investigators are not keeping their commitments and it is making me sad.  Agency sucks sometimes but other than that I am doing great!!!  I spoke in sacrament meeting Yesterday!!  I chose to speak about temple work and it was awesome. I stood there for 5 minutes in the middle of my talk without saying anything. Then I told them how uncomfortable it was waiting and that is what our ancestors feel like waiting when we don't go to the temple.  It was the best thing I have ever done.  The talk was in Spanish, because the whole Branch is Spanish. I mailed home a written copy of it. 

Today at Walmart, this lady (I can only assume she is a member) came up to us and handed us each a Subway card with $10 on them and said, "enjoy lunch on me today, gentlemen." It was super awesome.
We have recently found a new Nashville Tribute album and we jam to it in the car all the time. It is super fun because neither of us are good singers but we just belt the words and laugh the whole time.

We also frequent a talk called "The Atonement is Real" it has portions of talks from President Eyring and Elder Holland. It is really really comforting and powerful.
You should see my study journal. I go hard during studies. and my lesson plan note cards. I am quite proud of them.  I wrote this during personal study this morning:
Zion: thy God Reigneth

Found in Mosiah chapter 15

Upon the mountain sweet
o how peaceful are the words
they carry on their feet
for the founder of this proclamation
who has all those redeemed
shall raise about a mighty nation
of all he has esteemed
the path is set, the way is clear
to follow our good shepherd dear
for the people will divide asunder
lost are those who shameth
voices the first morning thunder
Zion, Thy God Reigneth

I will talk to you next week!  
Love Y'all
Elder Greemehs
                                                             Me and Elder Grimaldo

The Plan of Salvation
This was the progress of our first day biking... hahaha it was super tiring😂

Do not try the sugar cane one. It is liquid sadness.

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