Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 13 - Brazos, Texas

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Hey family! 
How are y'all doing? This week was a crazy adventure. Lots of lessons in which they made me 'lead out' and all of Elder S.'s trunky stuff. On Saturday night, Presidente S called us and asked if we could rush to Hermano C.'s house that is in Damon(about 40-60 minutes away). He said it was really urgent that we get there. So we dropped everything and went. We got there at about 6:30. We had the hardest time ever finding his ranch. When we got there, the whole branch was there holding a big barbeque party for Elder S. because he is going home.  Hermano C has a ton of property with all sorts of animals that roam around freely. He has around 5 horses that we got to pet and play with, a few dogs and a really big cat. There are also wild turkeys on his property. Out in front of his house he has a big pond that is filled with bass and catfish.. cool. He fed us meat from an animal that he hunted. It is some sort of African beast that looks like a water buffalo. He called it a nugi, or neugui. I don't know how to spell it, but it was super good. We are about to drop Elder S. off in about two hours and he does not want to go. Elder G is going to be our new District Leader, making he and I the only two Elders in our district. No new missionaries in our district this transfer. Early in the week we made juevos al infierno, or 'eggs from hell'. They were scrambled with onions, bacon, tomatoes, and 2 fresh habanero peppers cut up into the pan, seeds and all. It was so dang good. Then I ate a raw habanero, because why not?? As I was chewing it up it was almost sweet, but after about 10 seconds I felt like I was gonna die. I had Elder S. film it on my camera. I would send it home, but it is to big to send in an email.

Sister M. is the most amazing lady ever. She is a super member, and an amazing cook.  She has had us over for dinner several times since I have been here.

Another family, The M family are a married couple who just transferred from the Rosenberg ward into the Spanish Brazos Branch. We meet at the same time as the Rosenberg ward. They are super spiritual and love to have us over to help them learn Spanish.

Also, Shipleys donuts are freaking amazing!!!!!!! I ate 12 last week. and when they say filled, they mean filled. Its like eating a water balloon filled with heaven. haha

Elder Grimes

   Pics of the week:
We managed to find a guitar!!! Some sisters had it in their apartment and couldn't play it so they gave it to us!

This was a service project that we went to a few days ago, we cleaned up litter on the side of a few big roads. 

                           My camera has cool abilities.  Elder Joy (from Inside Out)
                                            Elder Sadness

                                         Elder Anger

                                   Juveos al Infierno

We were at the M.s' house and she was cooking so we asked if we could all try her hang thing while we waited. It was super duper freaky to be upside down. 

                                      You cant beat a Texas sunset.        


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