Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 12 - Brazos, Texas

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The branch is great. There are about 4 families that are active right now. They are all doing very well. We usually get between 30 and 60-ish members to come to church every week. The branch president, President S. is so great and always talks about covenants. His wife is awesome and lets us wash our clothes in their house every P day. They have two children, Eduardo who is a returned missionary, and Jennifer who is like 14. Eduardo is married and has one daughter and another one on the way. They are in the branch as well. Their clan is super fun!! Our ward mission leader is Brother T. 
The C. family is another active family. They are an older couple with children that have moved out. We had a lesson with them last Sunday and it went so well. This lesson is a new thing that President Hall is having us try. We ask guided questions that have the members teach us the lesson of the restoration.
1. Who is Heavenly Father to you?
2. How has the Gospel blessed your family?
3. Could you share your testimony about prophets and how dispensations work?
4. What did Jesus Christ do while he was on the Earth?
5. Could you briefly explain the Great Apostasy and bear testimony of it?
6. What was the restoration and why was it important?
7. How has the Book of Mormon changed your life?
After we finish with this activity, we explain to them that they are going to have a competition. We ask them to write as many names of people they know who are not members of the church on a piece of paper as they can, while we sing a hymn. It works so well. We have received so many referrals this way. The day after we had this lesson, Sister C. called us to her house in a very urgent manner. When we got there she explained that a liver had been found that would be suitable for her husbands body (he has had liver problems and been in a wheelchair for several years.) We gave him a blessing that all would go well. He got the new liver and is now recovering in the hospital.

We have a term as missionaries for the ladies that take care of us, "Mama Galletas" It means cookie mama. hahaha We have 3 or 4 of them in our branch. Sisters C, S, M, and R. they are all so great to us. They make sure we are fed several times a week.

We were tracting a few weeks ago and found a family that were very accepting of us and we have been teaching them ever since. The A. family. They are super prepared for the gospel and we have had a bunch of spiritual lessons with them. We think they might be ready for baptism. I have learned that teaching in Spanish is really hard, but the natives really love it when they see someone trying to learn their language. They have been really helpful. Yesterday we found a new investigator named L, she is like 60 and is the nicest lady ever. we taught her the restoration and she had a bunch of really good spiritual questions. We have another appointment with her on Thursday. This area is progressing really well. Elder S. goes home a week from today and Elder G. and I have a plan to start my language study as soon as he is gone.

 Love you guys!!! Gotta go. Talk next week"

                                               Brazos and Texas
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