Thursday, February 11, 2016

Week 11 - Brazos, Texas

Email is still being weird but luckily it was my birthday and I got a letter from Elder Grimes.  Also, we waited this week to post hoping for a picture of his Zone and we got it via facebook :)

"Hey MOM!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I have no idea when this letter will get to you, but I hope it is around when it is supposed to!  I miss you a ton and I'm super bummed that email isn't working. Maybe letters work better than email.  They're a lot slower, but they work. I miss our random adventures, I know that you guys are still going on all sorts of crazy adventures and I would really like to hear about all of the fun things you guys are up to.  Yesterday Elder G. was sick so we stayed in for most of the day.  This morning we all felt like total crap.  I feel like I'm dying but at least I have time to write home and scare my Mommy!  HaHa Congratulations on turning 29 again....  Thank you so much for everything that you have ever done for me.  Thank you for raising me the way you did.  I'll be thinking about you all week!  Eat some garlic mizithra and an extra piece of cake for me!!
-Elder Grimes- "

                          In case this is too small, he is on the top row, third from the right :)

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