Saturday, January 2, 2016

Week 5 - MTC

***He would love to hear from you via  ***
You choose "Write a Letter" then in the Letter Selection drop down choose "Provo MTC" click on "Write a Missionary" and enter your information.  His info is: 
Elder Brigham Grimes
Unit 43   TX-HOUS    JAN12
You then enter your email address and type him an email.  He will get that email printed out and handed to him that same day!

He leaves the MTC on January 12th, after that his address will be the address on the right hand  side of this blog.

Elder Grimes sends lots of emails and each one has a little bit of info and a few pictures. We are trying to pick out the important stuff and highlight them here on his blog.

"Thanks for the New Year's Eve stuff, we had a fun time staying up late and drinking different flavors of apple cider.  

The two districts older than us left on Monday and Tuesday. That was really hard because they were very nice and liked to hang out with us.  Elder Jensen and I are the new Zone Leaders until we leave. He and I are Best friends. I love this dude so much!!!  

Being a Zone Leader isn't too bad.  All of the new guys look up to us. It's super fun to be able to help them because we know exactly how they feel. One of the new Sisters has asked for a blessing from the Zone leaders. She doesn't  want her district to worry about her. We called Pres. Swenson to make sure that was ok. we are gonna give her the blessing later today. Hosting was super fun! We took pics at the car, then took them to get their; tags, books, and other things. Then showed them to their dorms. And finally left them in their classrooms. 

I popped a seam on my beanie the other day. Easily repaired with my master sewing skills.  On Christmas David Archuleta came and sang a spanish Christmas song that I love called Pastores De Belen. When he sang it, I got super Happy.  How is Gpa Rich doing?  He has sent me a few emails and they make me super happy!!!  He emails me in Spanish and I can understand it all.  It's so freaking cute!  

I have been marking my scriptures like crazy too!! Like, dang. The chapter I want to share this week is Alma 34. He teaches us how to pray. Just replace Cry with Pray. 

Gotta go! Love you all lots!! I'll try to write more. I never have time. Talk next week!!! 
Elder Grimes"

                                                             New Years Eve
                                                       Elder Grimes and Elder Jensen

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