Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 8 - Brazos, Texas

We waited all day for an email yesterday but it was Martin Luther King Jr Day so we knew we might not get one. We went to bed a little sad but resigned to the fact that we would be getting an email next week.  Well, today we got an email!

"Texas is so dang flat!  My trainers are Elder S from Ogden who will be going home after this transfer and 
Elder G from Mexico. They are awesome.  Almost all of the companionships have a car. We are allotted x amount of miles each month and then we have to bike.  I am our designated driver. I'm freaking out a little. There are not even hills. It is totally flat everywhere. Whaterr. We went to Walmart today and bought our groceries. Hearing real music is the weirdest thing. Our little apartment can barely fit the three of us, but we are making it work. I am super discouraged because I cannot speak or understand Spanish, but I have only been here for a week. I guess I will have to wait a while to see what happens with the language. 

COOL STORY:  So a few days ago we had a really busy day. Knocking, teaching, having doors slammed. You know, the good stuff. Well 4:30 rolled around and we had to decide what we were going to do about dinner. We decided that Whataburger was the best choice. (they ran out of groceries and we didn't have time to go to Walmart.) Triple meat Whataburger with jalapenos on it. Good freaking burger. After we left we had an appointment at a less active families house. We went and had a good time. Getting in the car to leave, I noticed that the Armor of God coin that Danny gave me was not in my pocket. Sheer panic. I looked everywhere for it. We drove around where we knocked that day, went back to Whataburger, I dug through every inch of the car, this thing was gone. I was devastated. I went to bed super sad that night. I tried to get over my loss, and thought about how I was going to tell Dan how I lost it.. Yesterday morning when we left the apartment to go start our day, it was sitting on the drivers seat of our little white Ford Fusion. I know that thing wasn't there for the two days that it was missing. The Lord looks our for his missionaries!!!

I didn't understand anything at church the other day. Monday is P day but we had interviews with pres Hall yesterday so our P day is today this week.  It's pretty warm here. We had super dense fog the other night, then it rained all day on Saturday.
Look up The Nashville Tribute band. they have a bunch of super cool gospel narration/music. Their song Modern day Sampson is pretty fun to listen to.  It's pretty stressful here, not gonna lie. I have no idea what I'm doing and I don't understand people...but days go by pretty quick.  We have had 2 dinners so far and a FHE with less actives and an investigator.  My bike is dope!  I LOVE YOU ALL!  Gotta go."

Our Kitchen

                                                              Our Living Room

                                                   The ford from our third floor window                                                     
                                                          SO MUCH TEXAS SWAG                                                          

Week 7 - TEXAS!

Elder Grimes traveled with 1 other Elder and 8 Sisters to Houston on Jan. 12th.  We received an email from President Hall that night with a picture of the group of new missionaries, some were from the Mexico MTC.  We later learned that Brigham has been assigned to the Rosenberg, Texas Brazos Spanish Speaking Branch with 2 trainers.  On Friday we got a letter in the mail from Brigham!
"Hey Parents!
I've landed in Houston!  We landed yesterday and drove to a church building where we had a quick meeting with Pres. and Sister Hall.  After that while we were waiting to be interviewed, we went "running".  Two Elders took me and Elder N street contacting.  We went to an apartment complex and talked to everyone we could find.  A lot of people like to hang out outside....two people that we talked to were named Jose and Benito, they were really nice and understanding that my Spanish was not very good.  They really listened to me and accepted the Book of Mormon that we gave them.  I am about to go meet my trainer.  Love you lots!"

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Week 6 - MTC

We got a fun surprise this week.  One of the Moms dropping off her missionary took pictures of Brigham and posted them on facebook.  A friend of mine saw and sent them to me and I printed one and sent it to Brigham.  The mom then emailed me even more pictures and told me,
He was such a gentleman and so sweet to my daughter, she didn't carry anything into the MTC!  Elder Grimes has made this transition so much easier with his HUGE SMILE! As I was watching her walk away she already looked so comfortable and at home and it was definitely the kindness of Elder Grimes! He will forever be in my heart!"

Here is Brigham's version.
"I got the picture of hosting Sister S. and it made me happy. I saw Mio C (a friend from growing up) pulling up with his mom and I ran to the car and sent the other host away. Mio looked pretty shaken up -like we all are- and I really wanted to help him out. I showed him around, I think it really helped to put his mind at ease. I had just finished hosting Mio and was walking back up to the curb when I saw Sister S. standing there looking super lost. I asked her family if she had a host and her brother told me that she hadn't seen anyone yet. She got out, unloaded, and walked across the street to the curb without a host!! I was freaking out a little! I said, "I'm so sorry that nobody has helped you yet, I would be more than happy to be your host!" I gave her a handshake and we took a few pictures while talking. Then we walked off and I took her inside. She was really fun. Then after we were done hosting, one of the big honchos that works at the MTC asked me and Elder J. if we would be willing to hang around and host all of the late comers. Of course we said yes. The other companionship that did this with us were both Aussies and they taught us a bunch of fun little games. Black Magic. Snaps. How Many Fish. Super fun guys. The first late comer was a sister who came in with her older sister and her two roommates. We helped her out of her car and just as we were walking her inside three more cars came up. She became my responsibility. I walked her all around campus showing her where her classes and things were. That is the closest thing I will have to a date for the next two years. I have to be honest here, I need to repent. I didn't have my "sister goggles" on that day. She was a cutie. ugh 

I already have one tally mark on the back of my tag. (counting months)  haha. My tag that I don't even wear. I have worn the one they gave me twice. I wear Dads every day. I wear the magnetic one on my suit though.  I have it on right now with my new pen.  

Could you print and send the picture of Bean at Panda Express? that made me super happy!! and jealous.  

I'm a little nervous to have to speak on Sunday in Spanish...our whole branch (all 64 of us) are learning spanish. We are all that meets together for Sacrament Meeting. Here are some thoughts for Mom's talk on work and sacrifice (she asked me for thoughts)

1. The first half of Alma 5:41 talks about good works. Those who do good works follow the Good Shepherd.

2. Alma 7:24 "And see that ye have faith, hope, and charity, and then ye will always abound in good works."   To me, this scripture is kind of like instructions to a lego kit. Faith, hope, and charity are a few of the pieces of the final product. 

3. Moroni 7:13 This scripture has been very useful for me. If we love our Heavenly Father, we should take no greater joy than we are in the service of his children. 

4. Work and faith go hand in hand. If we try to do work without faith, we will not have the Lord to help us.  James 2:17-18 are amazing verses. Please read them. 

5. "I won't give up, shut up, or let up until I have stayed up, stored up, and paid up for the cause of Christ. I must go till he comes, Give till I drop, preach till all know, and work till he stops me. And when He returns for His own, he will have no problem recognizing me. My banner will be clear."
                                    -Elder Henry B. Eyring (The fellowship of the unashamed. 

6. Doctrine and Covenants 123: 16-17 

My laundry is done and the packing has begun. 

Gotta go! Love you all!!!

party hard and be safe!

Elder Grimes"

                  These verses have been really cool to read this week. Me encantan estes versiculos
                            I got this shirt of Grandpa Mike's and Grandma Kathy's mission
                                                                 Here are my tags and pen

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Week 5 - MTC

***He would love to hear from you via www.dearelder.com.  ***
You choose "Write a Letter" then in the Letter Selection drop down choose "Provo MTC" click on "Write a Missionary" and enter your information.  His info is: 
Elder Brigham Grimes
Unit 43   TX-HOUS    JAN12
You then enter your email address and type him an email.  He will get that email printed out and handed to him that same day!

He leaves the MTC on January 12th, after that his address will be the address on the right hand  side of this blog.

Elder Grimes sends lots of emails and each one has a little bit of info and a few pictures. We are trying to pick out the important stuff and highlight them here on his blog.

"Thanks for the New Year's Eve stuff, we had a fun time staying up late and drinking different flavors of apple cider.  

The two districts older than us left on Monday and Tuesday. That was really hard because they were very nice and liked to hang out with us.  Elder Jensen and I are the new Zone Leaders until we leave. He and I are Best friends. I love this dude so much!!!  

Being a Zone Leader isn't too bad.  All of the new guys look up to us. It's super fun to be able to help them because we know exactly how they feel. One of the new Sisters has asked for a blessing from the Zone leaders. She doesn't  want her district to worry about her. We called Pres. Swenson to make sure that was ok. we are gonna give her the blessing later today. Hosting was super fun! We took pics at the car, then took them to get their; tags, books, and other things. Then showed them to their dorms. And finally left them in their classrooms. 

I popped a seam on my beanie the other day. Easily repaired with my master sewing skills.  On Christmas David Archuleta came and sang a spanish Christmas song that I love called Pastores De Belen. When he sang it, I got super Happy.  How is Gpa Rich doing?  He has sent me a few emails and they make me super happy!!!  He emails me in Spanish and I can understand it all.  It's so freaking cute!  

I have been marking my scriptures like crazy too!! Like, dang. The chapter I want to share this week is Alma 34. He teaches us how to pray. Just replace Cry with Pray. 

Gotta go! Love you all lots!! I'll try to write more. I never have time. Talk next week!!! 
Elder Grimes"

                                                             New Years Eve
                                                       Elder Grimes and Elder Jensen