Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 4 - MTC

***He would love to hear from you via  ***
You choose "Write a Letter" then in the Letter Selection drop down choose "Provo MTC" click on "Write a Missionary" and enter your information.  His info is: 
Elder Brigham Grimes
Unit 43   TX-HOUS    JAN12
You then enter your email address and type him an email.  He will get that email printed out and handed to him that same day!

We were very blessed this last week to “hear” from Elder Grimes 4 times!  We got a handwritten letter, a Christmas phone call, the P day email and a package.

Here is some from his handwritten letter.
“Spanish is coming slowly but surely.  In our last lesson with ‘David’, I went off on a tangent in spanish about baptisms for the dead.  I did not know any of the words that were coming out of my mouth.  I thought I was speaking english, but when we were done Elder J. asked how I did that. #GiftofTongues it’s a real thing.  Open up your mouth and words you don’t know will flow out.” 
“Right now Elder H. and I are chillin’ in our classroom waiting for our Tuesday night Devotional to start.  The rest of our district wanted to go and sing in the MTC Choir. Yea, no we have an hour to do whatever we want and it feels wrong.”

It was a great 6 page letter and we hope to get more of those :)

We loved hearing his voice on Christmas although he said it was hard to hear us.  He sent us a package that we didn’t get until Saturday so he was bummed we didn’t have it yet.  He wrote his testimony to us in Spanish and was excited for us to read it (we have it now and we loved reading his testimony in spanish - Elder Grimes’ dad read it to the rest of us) He was excited for his Christmas presents, especially the t-shirt blanket we made him.  The Elders opened their gifts on Christmas Eve because they were busy all day on Christmas.  Elder Bednar and his wife came and spoke to the missionaries and we heard from Elder J.‘s Dad that after the phone call David Archuleta came and sang for them. - We will have to wait to hear about that from Elder Grimes.

                                                                His new blanket.
                                                               Christmas presents.
Christmas Jammies.

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