Saturday, December 5, 2015

First P Day - Week 1

What a crazy couple of days. When you dropped me off I had no idea what I was in for. All I knew is that I was Terrified. My host was an elder who had been here for 7 weeks and was learning Mandarin. He was extremely nice and helped me to get my tags, room key, meal and identification card, all of my Spanish books and materials. Then he showed me to my room and we dropped off my things. He was telling me that the first day might be a little hard, and to just stay positive and to pray always. He showed me to my classroom and then left me there. I walked in and sat down with only two others in the small room. They are about the size of my bedroom at home. I met Hermana Z who is our teacher for the next several weeks. She is awesome and classes with her are really fun. I feel like I recognize her from somewhere, probably some of the BYU youtube videos and studio c stuff. Anyway, after a while Elder J came into the classroom and I thought he was another teacher! He looks like an adult. He sat down next to me and we began talking, two or three minutes later the majority of the class had arrived, all but one elder from Florida. It took him a while to get here because he had several flights and his shuttle was late to the airport to pick him up. There are six elders and four sisters in my district
Elder J from Sandy going to Buenos Aires North 
Elder N from Idaho going to Buenos Aires North
Elder B from Brigham City going to Buenos Aires North
Elder H from Idaho going to Buenos Aires Santa Fe
Elder A the Floridian going to Buenos Aries Santa Fe
Hermana D From Tennessee going to Washington Yakima
Hermana M from California going to Toronto Canada
Hermana R from Utah going to Nashville
Hermana H going to Texas Houston South. 

It kinda sucks that no elders are going with me to Houston. There is nobody in my zone going with me to Houston other than Hermana H. 

The first night was the hardest night of my life. During the day we didn't have any time to worry or to miss home, but once we were in bed it was a nightmare, it took everything I had not to break down and weep. the second day was much better, and by now I'm fine. Oh, but that first night, thank goodness I only have to go through that a few more times. 

The days are pretty long, but we are so busy that we don't start to notice until around six when everyone is falling asleep anyway. hahaha I love class time with my district. Most of the time we don't have a teacher, we just have personal and companionship study. We all help each other and joke a ton. I'm surprised at how well we are all doing considering all the joking. 

This email is everywhere. I don't have a lot of time to email, and there are so many things I want to tell you about. 

The food is pretty good and I haven't been sick yet. I drink caffeine free Diet Coke with every meal. They made curly fries the other day that I enjoyed. 

We taught our first investigator the other day -in Spanish no less. That was really hard and discouraging. We had so many things that we wanted to say and had no idea how to say them. The hardest part I feel is that I understood everything he was saying, but didn't know how to answer him in Spanish. 

If you have any questions for me, send them in a Dear Elder letter, I get those the day you send them because they print here as soon as you hit send. I'll have time to read through those and answer your questions on P-day. 

Super exited to go to the temple today!!!!!


Elder Grimes

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